humax 9200t PVR

  six-h 14:42 06 Jan 2007

Does anyone have one of these?
I have recently experienced th aldi tevion unit which was a bit flakey but returned it because it wouldn't record the subtitles which I believe the hummy can. Dose it record them so that you can choose to show them or not?? Also I was not thrilled with the capture of programmes to my computer which have to be done by Analogue to digital capture resulting in jerky, blocky images. I notice the hummy has a usb port. Can you drag & drop digital video with this? and is there anywhere I can see the machine in action?

  Stuartli 15:43 06 Jan 2007

My best mate, who owns an independent audio/visual/appliances, sells plenty of these and the equally excellent F2 FOX-T Freeview set top box.

Very good and reliable. See these links for more information and reviews:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  March Hare 18:08 06 Jan 2007

I've had a Humax 9200T for a couple of months. To answer your question, yes it records subtitles and on playback you can choose whether or not to show them, exactly as if it was a live broadcast.

Afraid I can't help with your query about connecting to a PC. Never had cause to try that, and anyway they're at opposite ends of the house!

  Stuartli 20:46 06 Jan 2007

The full specifications for the Humax can be found at:

click here

As you can see you can transfer MPEG A/V and other files to/from a PC.

  exdragon 09:54 07 Jan 2007

I bought one last week and it's great. Than manual isn't the best, but there's a helpful forum for users,

click here

I've had my questions answered promptly and there's a lot of useful information in there. The 'pause live tv' is excellent, though I'm sure lots of other models have this as well.

  March Hare 10:55 07 Jan 2007

Yes, a follow-up to the comment about the Humax user's manual.

To a large extent it seems to be written by someone who is very familiar with operating the unit, but has little idea how to explain clearly to a novice. Yesterday I spent hours struggling to edit a recorded programme (to 'top and tail' it, and also remove unwanted content). The manual is hopeless at explaining this clearly in a logical sequence, and in the end I had to resort to try pressing buttons at random. Got through it in the end, but was afraid I might press a wrong button and lose the whole thing. The moral is, practise on an unimportant recording first!

  Simsy 13:22 07 Jan 2007

as I'm thinking of getting one...

can any of you users advise if the follwoing is possible, as I've seen conflicting advice on the internet;

Pause a live programme, (eg to take a phone call), and resume viewing from where you stopped, withouy having to wait for the programme to finish? (I think this is called "chasing"). I know that it can "pause", it's what happens when you come out of "pause" I'm not sure about.

Can this be done if another programme is already being recorded? (I understand it can record 2 progas at once?)

Thanks in anticipation... with apologies for thread hijacking!



  exdragon 15:09 07 Jan 2007

Yes, you can pause live tv and just carry on from where you left off. You don't have to wait for it to finish.

Just tried recording one channel and then pausing the live tv channel - no problem there.

  exdragon 15:12 07 Jan 2007

click here

Have a look at this, taken from the Novices section at There's a complicated bit when two recordings are being made from the same group, then I think you are restricted to what you can watch, but the hummy forum explains it lots better than the manual!

  exdragon 15:15 07 Jan 2007

Look particularly at the Multiplex bit in the Glossary.

i think I've just got mine into a tangle, as I can't delete something I tried recording whilst trying it out for you, Simsy!! Off to do battle with the remote.

  March Hare 15:19 07 Jan 2007

Yes, that's the feature that amazed me when my Humax was new! This is what happens: you're watching live TV; without you doing anything or pressing any buttons, the Humax is automatically making a temporary recording of the programme you're watching in the background. The phone rings and you press Pause. After the phone call you return and press Play and the programme resumes from where you left it and finishes after the live broadcast has finished. Or, if you want to, when you return you can press Play, then Fast Fwd (up to 64 x normal speed) and when the recording catches up to 'real time' you can watch the rest of the programme 'live'.

You can do all this as while there is another programme being recorded on the timer. You can watch an existing recording if two other programmes are being recorded. If two programmes are being recorded, you can sometimes watch a third one, although this depends on the relative positions of the three channels on the transmitter multiplexes (dont ask! - I haven't got my head round that yet - all I know is sometimes when I try to do that a message appears on the screen saying that this channel is restricted).

Also, if a programme is being recorded by the timer, you don't have to wait until recording has finished before you start watching it. You can start watching it any time after recording has started.

It took me quite a while to throw out all the old rules of living with a VCR for many years - This Humax really is a Magic Box!

The only thing it WON'T do (which was a disappointment to me) is copy from a VCR - I can only record TV programmes off-air. And as I said earlier I haven't investigated what can be done connecting the machine to a PC.

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