Huawei manufacturer warranty, how to make it work?

  kbalage 12:18 16 Nov 2018

I have purchased my Huawei P9 in 2016 in Hungary from a retail shop. The phone had the "Gold Member VIP Service" which provides 1 year additional manufacturer warranty besides the standard 2 year warranty. According to the HiCare app and the IMEI check on their website my phone has a valid warranty until May 2019.

The phone started to black out and for longer periods it is impossible to turn on the screen. I contacted the local Huawei service center who refused to accept my phone as according to them it was meant to be sold in another EU country. They told me to contact the place of purchase, but that company does not exist anymore.

My question - Huawei promised the 1 year extra manufacturer warranty but they are not willing to fulfill it, what could I do to have my phone repaired by them within the warranty period?

  Forum Editor 15:20 16 Nov 2018

"I contacted the local Huawei service center"

In which country?

According to the Huawei websites, the terms and conditions of the Gold Member VIP service apply to:-

*"devices purchased by users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina who activate their Gold Membership within one month after the purchase date (as shown on proof of purchase). A valid proof of purchase must be provided."*

Note that the wording says 'purchased by users in'. It doesn't say anything about the warranty only applying in the country where you bought the phone.

  kbalage 19:37 16 Nov 2018

I contacted the service center in Hungary. I have the proof of pruchase and activated their Gold membership on time.

  Forum Editor 22:50 16 Nov 2018

Under EU consumer legislation, your contract was with the seller from whom you purchased the phone. In your case, your contract was with the retailer which is now out of business,

Your only hope now lies in persuading the manufacturer to honour its warranty, but if it refuses to do that you are stuck - Huawei is based in China, and you have no legal redress if the company doesn't meet its warranty terms.

Are you based in the UK? If you are, I may be able to help - no promises, but I'm willing to contact Huawei UK on your behalf.

  kbalage 21:46 17 Nov 2018

What I don't understand here is the term of 1 year extra "manufacturer warranty" as it was stated in the book that came with the phone. According to the invoice I had from the company where I bought the phone they were providing two year warranty. So the one year extra was supposed to be provided by Huawei themselves and not by the retailer. Still they refuse to provide support in an official Huawei Service Center.

I'm from Hungary but I would really appreciate if you could ask the opinion of Huawei UK about the case. I saw some previous cases here on the forum where the phone was bought abroad and they still responded.

  Forum Editor 14:32 20 Nov 2018

Retailers based inside the EU have to comply with EU consumer legislation. Briefly, this means that the retailer is liable for the cost of any repairs (or complete replacement) of an item that proves to be faulty within six months of the date of purchase. There are additional safeguards beyond that date, but that's all meaningless because your supplier is no longer in business.

A manufacturer's warranty is a different thing - the manufacturer is offering to fix the phone if it goes wrong, provided the problem is the result of manufacturing fault. The warranty is in addition to your rights under consumer law, it doesn't replace them.

Invoking a manufacturer's warranty can be difficult, especially when said manufacturer is based in China. I doubt that it would do much good to contact Huawei in the UK - they are simply going to refer you back to the Hungarian service centre. It's that centre that you want to concentrate on. You say they told you that the phone was supposed to be sold in a different country - did they say which one?

  kbalage 14:40 20 Nov 2018

Yes, they said that my phone was supposed to be sold in Poland.

  Forum Editor 18:07 20 Nov 2018

"...they said that my phone was supposed to be sold in Poland."

But it wasn't, it was sold in Hungary - I really don't see their point. It's a Huawei phone. That said, others have experienced the same problem with Huawei. The company's customer service policy has come in for a good deal of criticism in the past over just this. As I said before, Huawei is based in China, it isn't bound by EU consumer legislation.

  kbalage 10:49 03 Dec 2018

I contacted also the Polish Huawei support. They said that they can only deal with my issue if I have the original Polish proof of purchase, which I obviously don't have. This is pretty much the end of the options, to summarise the extra 1 year manufacturer warranty sounds great but in reality it does not exist as there's no any obligation by law.

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