HTC Wildfire Developed Fault After Just Over a Year

  Menzie 22:10 01 Aug 2011

Hi All,

Just seeking some advice on how to best approach this, I have an HTC Wildfire purchased last year July at my local branch of Carphone Warehouse.

Over the past year the phone has been fine with no issues but over the last few days it has started to play up.

The phone now thinks that a headset is connected to it and permanently displays the icon for this. It shows as a headset even when just headphones are connected or nothing at all.

The problem is when it does this and a call comes in with nothing connected to the headphone jack I cannot hear the caller and they cannot hear me.

As a solution I have downloaded an application that allows me to manually enable/disable the headphone output (the icon still remains permanently) which works but I would like my phone to hopefully be repaired.

What do you think my chances are of getting my phone repaired by HTC for free since it is just outside of the warranty period? I can send it to them for them to look at and give me a quote but if I don't like the quote then I will have to pay £20 to cover the cost of them picking it up.

I am seeing Android handsets from Samsung from retailers going for £50 now locally and just get the feeling that the repair bill would be more than this.

I am not on a contract so there is no upgrade option for now and the phone is uninsured.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

  ams4127 23:09 01 Aug 2011

Can you do a "hard reset" on it to take it back to an "as new" condition?

I've had to do that twice on my Blackberry and one or two of my friends have done the same thing when their iPhones have played up.

Be sure to back everything up first!

  Forum Editor 23:23 01 Aug 2011

Take the phone to Carphone warehouse. For one thing, they may have a fix, and for another they may replace the phone. Appear confident, the phone may be outside the maker's warranty period, but European consumer regulations now provide a measure of protection beyond that.

Some retailers are fond of saying there is nothing they can do if an item is outside the makers' warranty period, but that's not the case. If you buy something which should last 5 years but breaks down after a year and a day, you can still claim it was of poor quality in reference to the durability aspect of current consumer legislation. If necessary, tell Carphone Warehouse that a phone of this quality should last much longer than a year, and that you expect them to repair or replace it.

Try ams4127's suggestion before you do all that - you may find that it works.

Good luck - please let us know how you get on

  Menzie 07:37 02 Aug 2011

Thanks for the responses, I have tried a hard reset after backing up my phonebook and emails. It appears the fault still remains so it seems to be hardware based.

I will visit carphone warehouse and see what they say regarding the matter and will provide an update.

  Menzie 21:09 08 Aug 2011

Sorry about the delayed response, I managed to find my original receipt and take it into the branch of Carphone Warehouse the phone was purchased from.

At first as expected they wanted nothing to do with it and told me it was out of warranty but after speaking with the manager on duty he decided as a gesture of goodwill to have the phone sent off for repair for me eventually after a surprisingly calm debate.

So the phone was sent off late last week and will hopefully be back with me soon.

In the meantime I have borrowed a handset off a friend who upgrades often to keep me going while I wait for mine to come back.

  Menzie 19:31 17 Aug 2011

I finally got my phone back and so far so good, it no longer thinks a set of headphones are connected unless they actually are.

It's good to have the phone back exactly the way it was when I bought it again, took a bit of debating with my local branch of Carphone Warehouse but with a bit of patience and the advice from you guys I got there in the end.

Thanks for all your help.

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