Htc HD2 and the sale of goods act.

  deannewman 20:04 10 Jun 2010

Back in January this year i purchased a Htc HD2 on a Vodaphone contract through Phones for you.

The phone it's self has developed a fault where by the screen doesn't respond when touched. I have preformed the various resets and updated the ROM but to no luck.

I have phone Htc to get the phone repaired however they have failed to pick the phone up 3 times. After logging my complaint with them i have found out that the screen would need to be replaced but Htc have no stock so i will have to wait over a month after sending the phone away for it to be fixed. They wont offer a replacment (i never expected them to anyway as they are not the retailer).

Instead i decided to phone the retailer. They have said they will offer me a repair (with no loan phone).

I was under the impression however that if something developed a fault and hence was not fit for purpose i could request a replacment with in the first 6 months.

Is this true?

Any help would be greatly welcomed as i am having no luck.


  spuds 20:13 10 Jun 2010

If the item develops a fault within the first six months, then its for the retailer to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. After six months it becomes more difficult.

The problem is usually training of staff, and what consumers rights are.

Contact Consumer Direct click here for further advice.

  deannewman 20:37 10 Jun 2010

Thats what i thought. By resolving it to my satisfaction does that mean i can request a replacment or does it mean they can choose how to resolve the issue. For instance a repair.

I feel like i'm talking to a brick wall when i phone them as they are just as clueless as me about the sale of goods act.

The responce i got was they will offer a repair and not a replacment.

Is there anyway i can prove any of this when i next talk to them as i doubt i will get anywere.


  morddwyd 07:44 11 Jun 2010

Complain to Trading Standards, contact Consumer Direct, try your local CAB.

  carver 09:20 16 Jun 2010

Get them to replace the phone, I have a Htc phone and up to now it has been back twice for screen replacement.

They will argue that they should be able to repair it, be firm but polite and tell them it is not fit for purpose. You are the one paying for the use of this phone and if you can not use it it is just a very expensive paper weight.

I made the mistake of allowing them to repair my phone instead of having it replaced, big mistake.

  HondaMan 12:18 17 Jun 2010

Clean Break. Get your money back and go elsewhere.

The phone is not fit for purpose. It's the retailer who is responsible. If they are reluctant or refuse, County Court Small Claims and fast track it.

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