HP ZD8303EA Laptop - any opinion please

  swapper 15:16 25 Apr 2006

HP ZD8303EA Laptop - any opinion please?

Currys has one of these at £799, I liked the look of this but would appreciate any comments about this model, or HP in general, or even a good equivalent.


  [DELETED] 15:57 25 Apr 2006

I have no experience with this machine but you also asked for comments on HP in general. Having worked with various HP divisions around the world for many years, I can honestly say that they are as committed to quality and customer satisfaction as any company I have had dealings with. From that perspective, I don't think you need have any worries about HP.

  [DELETED] 18:29 25 Apr 2006

Its a very good laptop. I was in currys the other day and saw a member of staff showing it to some customers.

What is it exactly you would want to use it for?

  swapper 07:33 26 Apr 2006

rmcqua, Jimmy14, thank you,
I want a good mid range machine and to be more mobile than I am with my present desktop, I was thinking about a used machine but have been persuaded against it.
The spec that this HP has is bit higher than I need, but the prices seems very good.

  [DELETED] 08:48 26 Apr 2006

just make sure it is not one of the 15000 odd they are recalling because of a fault..

  [DELETED] 08:51 26 Apr 2006

oh, it is 135000..read here

click here

  [DELETED] 10:08 26 Apr 2006

The web site you want for the battery fault is click here I had a quick look and did not see that particular notebook listed, however you can check it for yourself. I have a Pavilion notebook and I am pleased with it. Their customer service is also good, because I have used it in the past. Looking at the spec of the zd8303ea, it seems to be a very good package. If the price is as you say, it is a £100 off the list price. Not bad me thinks. J.B.

  swapper 17:17 26 Apr 2006

Ikelos, J B, thank you for responding, I did look at the battery problem and it does not appear to be one that has been recalled.

However,I visited the HP site and found that the model that I have taken an interest in has been dicontinued and that parts for it are no longer available?

This leaves me thinking it may not be a good idea after all and that I should look for something similar?

any suggestions at around £800 max please?

  [DELETED] 18:02 26 Apr 2006

Dell have some good offers, I have a dell inspriron and it has run ace for about 4 years now....

  [DELETED] 18:05 26 Apr 2006

Assuming that you want an Intel laptop have a look at the middle one here click here this one looks a good deal if you want to stick with HP. The only thing is that it costs fifty quid more than you have said. J.B.

  swapper 05:45 28 Apr 2006

Ikelos, J B, thanks for your imput, I am taking a second breath on this because 850 is above my budjet, but I may be tempted :-))

thanks again.

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