HP techinical support repairs :(

  phil_walker 14:40 23 May 2005

My laptop has been in for warranty repair for over a month on this occassion and seem to be getting nowhere with HP technical support or the subcontracted engineering company they use for repairs - teleplan. They keep telling me they are waiting for parts from HP and HP are telling me there is not alot they can do as it is in teleplan's hands. This is the 4th time it has been in for repair, originally irt was for a faulty touchpad but they replaced the motherboard but fitted irt incorrectly and didnt solve the touchpad until the 3rd attempt. They sent it back to me last time with a number of small scratches on the bevel around the touchpad, and yes the motherboard was still not fitted properly. It was collected on the 21st April 2005 and I have not seen it since.

Any ideas how I might be able to get it fixed and back any quicker?


  spuds 17:25 23 May 2005

You haven't stated how old the product is,and when it was purchased. Did you go direct to HP for the repair and warranty work, or had you consulted the retailer who sold the product inn the first instance.

Possibly a consultation with your local trading standards is required. In the meantime, you could check your consumer rights from click here

  phil_walker 18:17 23 May 2005

It was purchased in August 2004 but didnt come out of the box till January 2005. I did go direct to HP who arranged for the other company to fix it under warranty.

  ajm 20:00 23 May 2005

it may be possible that you purchased the laptop fom the Dixons Stores Group: PC World, Cirrys or Dixons?

If that is the case and the laptop is still under warranty amd if you have not had the laptop for more than 4 weeks from the day after they collected, you are entitled to a replacemnet or vouchers to buy the equivalent. This only applies if you have puchased the roduct from the DSG.

Please post more details so we can help.

  phil_walker 23:13 23 May 2005

It was purchased from a company on the Internet by my uncle for his company but didnt ever use it so he gave it to me. Any more details I can get that might help?

  spuds 11:02 24 May 2005

This could get a little sticky with regards to any warranty claim. Irrespect to where the purchase was made, consumer law would come into effect, but having said that, your uncle was the purchaser, and this could possibly change the situation. Normally the buyer as the consumer law rights, unless the warranty is transferable to another person.In theory, if the warranty is not transferable then you would have no claim, but some companies will give allowances for 'gifted' [as in Christmas/Birthday/Special Occasion]presents.Some warranties will explain whether the warranty is transferable to a second party.

Which company did your uncle purchase the item from, because as ajm suggested, if it was from the DSG group, then you may have a claim of replacement or voucher refund within their terms and conditions.

If the warranty is transferable, and you and your uncle have taken the necessary steps, then I would assume everything should turn out okay, but I would still think that it would be wise, to contact your local trading standards for help and advice.Nothing like having a warranty claim rejected,if you or your uncle haven't complied with the terms and conditions of the warranty, then being presented with an expensive repair bill!.

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