HP service are a joke

  Newuser2 16:50 16 Feb 2010

I made the mistake of buying a HP 2475W monitor back in august 09.
It played up intermittently last year. but last week the resolution went haywire and then today the anti theft mode despite not being enabled decided to activate.
I have spent all afternoon trying to get some sense out of HP.
Its been like pulling hens teeth.
The service is nothing short of crap.
I have demanded a complete and full refund from HP.
They can't even make a decision one way or the other on that.
Its the first and last HP product I will ever buy.
I'm using a LG monitor in place of the HP and its brilliant.

  ame 17:43 16 Feb 2010

Not sure you are actually entitled to a refund - only a repair or replacement. I got good help from HP's e-mail support when I messed up my o.s. recovery software on my laptop. O fcourse, the problem you(and I)have is no spare monitor to use meantime and we all need our pc's to be working at all times.

  morddwyd 20:10 16 Feb 2010

I think you'd have been better asking for a refund in the first instance, rather than demanding one.

Demands tend to put people in the wrong frame of mind from the outset.

  folsom 21:54 16 Feb 2010

From past experience, HP customer service is woeful, since a printer packed up after 13 months service and they refused to do anything about it 3 years ago, I have not touched an HP product and never will.

  spuds 21:58 16 Feb 2010

First thing that you might have to understand, it is not for HP to do anything, unless you made a direct purchase from them as a normal retail customer, which is very unlikely. Any claim that you have would be with the retail dealer or stockist that you purchased the item from in the first place. HP's warranty is purely an optional extra provided by them, in getting their products dealt with in a perhaps quicker and more suitable manner.

I have had 'advisory' dealings with HP in regards to printer's, and in all fairness I have had both good and poor customer advice service from them. Being printer's of the lower price range, I just dumped the printer's and purchased further machines. This was mainly due to the cost of print ink cartridges, and the further 12 month warranty being offered by the retailer and the optional manufacturer's warranty.

  Newuser2 09:57 17 Feb 2010

I purchased the monitor direct from HP, so its down to them if they are capable to sort it out.
I will never buy and HP product again thats for sure.
If the monitor was a cheapy then I wouldn't grumble but its a hi end unit and as such should be bullet proof.
I have learnt that HP support is based in South Africa.

  Newuser2 11:03 17 Feb 2010

I've just called HP again and they can't find me on the system.
It does make you wonder if HP are capable of doing joined up thinking.
On reflection its clear they don't.

  ame 17:11 17 Feb 2010

Presume you are using the number on this page for home monitors and being put through to South Africa? click here Other manufacturesrs and suppliers also use foreign call centres. Didn't they give you a case number to quote when calling back? I always prefer e-mail if possible 'cos at least you've got written records. Whilst you are clearly very annoyed, just because something is "high end" doesn't mean a percentage of those products don't develop a fault. Nothing is 100% guaranteed unfallible. If you get a repair or a replacement within a reasonable time that is the most a reasonable person can expect.

  Geomacl 14:05 01 Mar 2010

My HP laptop developed a major problem some 15 months after I bought it direct from HP UK. Fortunately I’d take out an extended warranty and HP cmae to collect and return to their UK repair shop (Flextronics?). Initially I was promised a turnaround of 5-7 days, then that became 7-10 working days (despite warrantly documant saying “target of 7 working days from first intervention (contact with HP). Talking to their complaints department is so frustrating and useless. Responses to when I will get my laptop back get “I’ll find out and get back to you” – NOTHING! Then when I phone again I find that it requires 3 new parts which are on order but with no ETA” Next and latest phone call (Friday - 26 Feb 2010) “your laptop required 7 new parts – 5 have been delivered and we are waiting for 2? The 2 parts they are waiting for are the main processor and the motherboard!!!! One service agent even said that "if the repair takes longer than 8 weeks, we will replace it!!"
They will simply not answer the question – When will it be returned?” and there is no hierarchy/manager system so I cannot escalate my issue.
All in all – PATHETIC!

  Newuser2 20:49 01 Mar 2010

I've been so fed up with HP its not true, (sanitized version)
I sent their tech support an email to which I received an automated reply that they would respond in 24/48 hours. They replied 4 days later.
The reply was shall we say ambiguous.
NO MORE HP products for me that for sure.

  Simsy 11:47 05 Mar 2010

that my experience of HP is similar, and I wont buy any of their products again for the same reason...

In short it was a faulty printer, approx 2 months old... (I contacted the retailer who asked me to deal with HP direct as they would probably do a straight swap, and it would be easier and quicker. I agreed to this on the understanding that if there were any issues with that I would return to the retailer for him to deal with it.

After some extended telephone calls and tests with them, HP agreed it was faulty and agreed/arranged a courier. They even gave me a reference number.

So I carefully, in accordance with their extensive packing instructions, packed the printer up, to await collection by the courier on the agreed day. (Two days later if I remember... but it was a while ago).

Courier never came, so I rang HP again, only to be told that the courier had been cancelled and they wanted to send me some new ink and repeat the tests!

I refused this, because it was patently a mechanical paper feed fault, not an ink fault. Something that had been discussed at some length previously!

I then returned printer to retailer for a refund.

Now I realise that some will say, "for every bad experience there are hundreds of satisfied customers..." and so on, and I accept that. For me, and many like me, the peace of mind that comes from good aftersales service when something goes wrong, is worth loads!

I do not have faith in their aftersales service. Simple as that. Good pre-sales service, and good products do not compensate for poor after-sales service... in my book.



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