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  Wander11 17:31 07 Feb 2017

I purchased a HP Pavilion 15-au029na just a little over 6 months ago, however it has been opened only in the past few weeks. My issue is that it has been incredibly sluggish from the get go, and the touchpad is no better. I've contacted HP, expressing my concerns and requested a refund, which they refused, due to their policy only being valid up to 30 days after purchase, and not after first use. I should state that I do not wish to have a replacement, as the camera/video quality is awful.

Regardless of when purchased, I'd except a newly laptop to be fully functional. I'd really appreciate advice on how to take this further.

  HondaMan 17:54 07 Feb 2017

As you are outside the statutory period within which you are entitled to return a faulty item It is up to you to prove that the item is faulty. You have a statutory right under certain conditions to return faulty items within 6 months of purchase. The rules that HP have quoted has no effect under English law as your right to return is statutory, as I said, subject to conditions.

  Forum Editor 22:54 07 Feb 2017

Hondaman's advice is valid - had you used the computer as soon as you received it you would have been able to return it (within 7 days) and obtain a full refund without having to state a reason.

Now you are in a more difficult position. Your contention that the machine is 'sluggish' is a subjective opinion - I have no way of knowing if it is because of a fault, or whether that particular machine is just slower than you had anticipated.

One review of the computer states that the "Hard drive makes it feel slow" The review says "that mechanical hard drive does make booting and loading of apps and games much slower than SSD-equipped laptops."

Furthermore, the reviewer says "This is a perfectly adequate laptop for those on a tight budget who just want a really basic device for day-to-day computing"

The review also notes that the computer has a low-quality screen.

I'm wondering if perhaps you were expecting the laptop to deliver more than it can in terms of speed? If that's the case, you really don't have much in the way of a case to make for a refund. It isn't HP's fault if you bought the wrong machine for your needs.

You say that you expect a new machine to be fully functional, and I agree, but you haven't told us that it is not fully functional - just that it doesn't perform as you had expected. Did you read any reviews before you made the purchase?

  Wander11 09:26 08 Feb 2017

Just to clear matters up - I was abroad at the time of delivery and the months that followed, therefore I was unable to examine the laptop.

My decision to purchase the laptop was based on the high specs, so yes I did do my research prior to making a decision on whether to buy or not. I'm uncertain as to where you're reading the reviews, but this laptop contains a 256gb SSD, a sluggish and unresponsive laptop is certainly not expected. There is absolutely no issue with the screen resolution/display.

  wee eddie 11:05 08 Feb 2017

Are you sure that it contains an SSD. Although the HP Site says it does, none of the Reviews mention an SSD

  Burn-it 14:03 08 Feb 2017

It is also not HP's fault you didn't check it within the statutory period.

  Archonar 14:43 08 Feb 2017

I would check device manager to make sure you have an SSD maybe?

  Wander11 16:55 08 Feb 2017

^ It's most definitely a SSD, I've just double checked.

  Archonar 17:45 08 Feb 2017

Despite that, as has been said I think you will struggle to get a refund since you are outside of your no questions return period and arguing that it is sluggish is a matter of opinion. Being away when it was delivered is not an argument that I think will stand.

Just to clarify, what is 'increidbly sluggish'? Can you give us any examples as there may be things that we can provide some advice on speeding up.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:58 08 Feb 2017

Wander, with these specifications, I agree with you that it should be a very fast laptop. I think some of the others are reading reviews for a different HP model.

Was the laptop "incredibly sluggish" from the moment you switched it on for the first time? If it was then it's likely to be faulty and HP should fix free of charge because it's less than one year old.

If however its performance deteriorated after you'd been installing your own software and using it for a while then it may be a software problem caused by yourself. In that case you can backup any personal data you have then do a factory reset to put it back to how it was when new.

That HP model is sold in South Africa and I don't know what the consumer laws are there but I doubt you're entitled to a full refund after six months. You'll hopefully still be entitled to a repair though.

  Wander11 18:05 08 Feb 2017

Archonar, I don't recall stating that my being abroad situation is an excuse for this case; I was simply clarifying why I was unable to examine the laptop immediately.

Firstly it takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes to start up. The browser and cursor are also sporadically unresponsive.

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