HP PC purchase from Currys or PC World

  Richieboy32 20:39 26 Dec 2009

I'm looking to replace an aging Dell computer and there seems to be a good deal on in Currys and PC World at the mo for a HP Pavillion p6205uk down from £499 to £399. Would appreciate any feedback on the below:

1. Good / bad experiences you may have had with HP

2. I am unsure about the extended warranty especially for a budget PC that isn't costing that much. My Dell has been fine over the past 6 years without it.

3. Any difference in CS or buyer expereinces between Currys / PC world?

I'm hoping to tie up the deal before Mr Darling wants more of my hard earnt cash on the 1st Jan so any feedback before then would be appreciated.

Many thanks

  skidzy 22:20 26 Dec 2009

I have had my experiences with PCW and will not buy from them again.However i still have a Phillips desktop (Vista) that is going strong as we speak , and this was bought when vista first hit the shops from PCW.

I also have 3 Dell machines, 2 desktops and a laptop...brilliant machines and again, still going strong with no problems.

My advice would be Dell 100%

Just for your reference, PCW and Currys and both owned by DSGI..... so in effect, the same service will apply.

  GaT7 23:05 26 Dec 2009

Let us know what you'll be using the PC for.

For others' benefit - click here / click here to see the spec. G

  ame 23:34 26 Dec 2009

Seems an odd spec - good RAM, large monitor (no quality specs), huge hard disk but slow processor and integrated graphics. As Crossbow7 says, depends on what you want it for - not gaming/video editing that's for sure. Personally, I doubt if PCWorld will give you the best deal but I may be wrong - not somewhere I would buy a PC, especially if problems occur in future.

  ame 23:55 26 Dec 2009

Sorry - didn't see the additional product specs. Monitor ok although no digital input.

  Awshum 00:33 27 Dec 2009

Currys and PCworld both suck, the only thing I'll buy from them now is 98p clearance software.

HP isn't far off there either.

Bought an HP laptop last month, a DV6 model in which the screen light was flickering all the time. Bit of net browsing determined it may be a faulty connection or inverter. Promptly sent back and the only other suitable machine for me was an HP DM3 laptop. (( Interest free BNPL credit agreement with a company who don't offer a huge choice of machines. ))

I thought can't be unlucky twice! Ho hum.... random cutouts on battery, it's refusal to charge with "plugged in, not charging" displayed. Even when shutdown or in sleep the battery will not charge.

A couple of email exchanges with HP and they have said they'll send out a new battery. This was only a few days before xmas so I won't expect it for a week or so after the holidays.

Hopefully this remedies the problem. Even if it does I wouldn't recommend HP on my experience of two faulty machines in succession from different model groups. That just screams bad quality.

  ame 00:50 27 Dec 2009

True that HP laptop reliability is relatively poor (according to a recent survey) but not so sure about desktops, which are generally more reliable across all makes. I have an HP laptop 1 year old and I really like it - it seems really good quality kit. (No doubt it'll go bang tomorrow!)

  morddwyd 09:23 27 Dec 2009

Funnily enough I've had an HP Pavilion which has been steady as a rock for about five years though it doesn't run for very long on battery any more.

I'm about to replace it - the laptop not the battery!

I found Toshiba unreliable, though I love their machines.

So far as the extended warranty goes, keep your money and put the monthly equivalent into an interest earning savings account like an ISA.

There's not much interest to be had, but it might as well come to you rather than them!

  morddwyd 09:26 27 Dec 2009

If you want to advertise on this forum you ought to pay like all the others who keep it going.

  Richieboy32 15:22 28 Dec 2009

Many thanks for all your replies :) All very interesting.

I want the desktop PC for basic uses - Internet and WOrd Processing somewhere to save pic's and music.

I have to say I partly want to buy from a walk in store because of being able to speak to someone face to face if something goes wrong. That said any recommmendations about companies with a good customer service record for helping sort problems would be welcome.

Apart from Dell are there any other makes that people would recommend?

Thanks again

  961 15:43 28 Dec 2009

Can I honestly say I'd not go beyond Dell

"My Dell has been fine over 6 years without extended warranty" (Richieboy32, 26/12/09)

If you think you'll do better by walking in to talk to someone face to face then just survey posts from those that have done just that

The thing is that if a computer is properly assembled from quality parts and delivered carefully it will work out of the box and probably work until you tire of it and want a newer, faster model

If it goes wrong and you've bought it on the high street, the guy you go in to talk to will only have one option. Send someone to recall it and take it away for three weeks. He won't be trained to sort out the problem unless you buy from a small computer store where they build their own. These are becoming like hen's teeth

Can I suggest you go to the Dell site and, down at the bottom of the page, click on business desktops. Select Vostro 220 mini tower. Go to Intel Core 2 Duo systems and build your own

You'll get a quality system with Windows 7 32 bit

I bought one, it's fantastic. It's got one year onsite and I know, because it's the third Dell I've bought, it just won't go wrong

Your 6 year job has gone well, why change?

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