HP Pavilion PC Recovery Disk "Ouch"

  bryrach 23:21 05 May 2005

Watch out if you purchase an HP Pavilion or any HP Machine for that matter. No complaint about the products performance but, when my PC crashed I looked for the installation disk or even recovery disks..There were none supplied. I read the manual and low and behold it informs the purchaser to make your own recovery CD's by copying the special partition drive. Now I was stuck. I had the machine under a £250 three year warranty with 4 months still to run, but HP Support line informed me that until I had been through the recovery procedure they couldn't help. Now how do I go through the recovery procedure if don't have the disks? Ah, you can buy them from us was the helpful reply. Nothing else for it. 7 Disks duly arrived at £25+ Vat+ PP approx 5 days later.
Bingo on we go..Oh Oh, Disk 5 fails on me. Back to the support line. Is the disk clean, is it scratched etc was the reply. NO. Mm..sounds like it could be a hard-drive problem said the guy on the phone. OK We'll send another disk free of charge just in case it's the disk. Very kind of them. 4 Day's later disk five appears. Fails again. Back on the phone. Give the guy his due he called me back and ran through the whole recovery process with me at HP's expense. Still no joy. I mention the earlier diagnosis made by his collegue.Sorry an all that he say's, it may well be the hard-drive so can I take into my nearest Comet store for repair under warranty. I remind him that as it's under warranty and it's the Gold standard my docs say I'm entitled to a home visit? Ah, yes that's right says he, but it could be 14 day's before an engineer can visit. Nothing else for it. Take the guy's name for future reference, just in case and head to Comet the following day. Now HP are supposed to notify Comet of my warranty details etc and attach a repair number. Comet guy has no knowledge of our calls to the support line!. After much explanation, the guy calls HP Support line from the store. Yes, you've guessed it they have no proof of my calls. The chap who had dealt with the problem was now on sick leave. Not to worry, call back later and they will try and trace the call logs etc. Comet advice I take the PC back home. So I do. After 3 day's (quicker than expected)and 6 calls, an engineer arrives to fix the problem. No joy. Needs a replacement hard drive. This was on Friday 28 April and after being told it would take 4 day's I'm still waiting. More calls to the depot fixing the machine and I'm told that due to the bank holiday weekend there has been a delay and it may take another 7 day's. What a shambles. A £250 Gold warranty for what!. The moral in the story...If buying an HP Machine make sure copying the recovery disks is your first priority before you enjoy your machine. It's been a hard lesson learned.

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