hp pavilion dead

  1x11456 19:20 03 Jun 2003

on the 27 dec 2002 i bought a hp pavilion 423uk system and everything was fine untill 29/05/03 last thurs when i got a application error warning it said hardware error 1024 contact vendor (hp) so i did to which they told me to do a non distructive system restore no mention of what the error was or why it happened so i did and things went wrong with severe errors reg errors etc so i contacted hp again to which they replyed non distructive system restore so i told them again about the errors and that i need my computer and they said some one will ring me up in 5 business days and i will have to contact them in futture. no help whatso ever only wipe out your files and start again. i cannot backup any files as it will not recignise any programs i have uninstalled nero and reinstalled nero to back up my files but is says something about reg hex keys or something. anyway i think hp are taking the pi** and buying time to think of an answer to my problem i have asked for a replacement or for it to be fixed within 2 days 4/6/03 what else can i do as its no joke being without my computer please help if you can . thanks in advance . glenn

  1x11456 17:17 04 Jun 2003

should i contact a comsumers association or a trading standards as i think i have not been treated fairly with not getting any answers to my questions from hp. glenn

  rins36 21:38 04 Jun 2003

Contact trading standards and explain the siutation to them, they will log the details & if need be they will contact HP. Write to HP & keep a copy of the letter for future reference & tell them that u have been in contact with Trading Standards.

Cant remember the wep page for trading standards, but u can do a search on google for this

Hope u get this sorted soon

  Despicable Desperado 01:38 05 Jun 2003

Have you installed anything on the system (hardware or software) since purchasing the system. Who did you buy it from.

  Despicable Desperado 01:45 05 Jun 2003

Remember that when you buy anything your warranty claim is with the retailer not the manufacturer. There may be an agreement between the retailer and the manufacturer but you must approach the retailer first. If you make any changes to the original purchased product and that change can be proved to have caused the fault then your warranty is void.

  TimC 10:32 05 Jun 2003

As Despicable Desperado said have you installed anything on this system?

From what you describe it sounds like the error is coming from Windows, in that case you could post a question on the HP Pavilion forums click here - make sure to quote your version of windows (XP Home?), and machine configuration plus any changes (particular recent ones). Also have a search on the Microsoft website for your exact error message. This may help you locate the offending piece of hardware.

Your alternative is to take it back to the store - they will try and fix it (by sending it back to HP's repairer), so don't expect to walk out with your working machine. I had a fault with my Pavilion 453 earlier in the year and when I called HP they collected it that day sent it to their repair contractor in Warrington, and returned it 4 working days later - no courier costs either. You could try calling them again - as a new call - say your machine is dead/not working and ask them to arrange a return and repair. They will do a full install unless you ask them not to - which I did, and put post-it notes on the machine to make sure the message got to the guy working on it!

I also ignored the bit in the support guide that said for machines from PC World/Dixons to call a specific number - I went to click here and called 0870 010 4320

It seems a bit soon to be calling in Trading Standards, HP will claim, as any support company will that they have not been able to fully investigate every possibility and are unlikely to face any sanctions from Trading Standards at this point. Whilst HP haven't got back to you, that is poor service/sloppy and not necessarily unfair - when you call back if they can't find a record of the call, get them to open it again, make sure you get a call record number so that you can follow it up.

You could take it back to the retailer and insist on a replacement, but I think the retailer is within their rights to try and get it repaired, you might get lucky or doing a Mr Angry may persuade them to replace it .... good luck and let us know what happens.

  1x11456 18:27 05 Jun 2003

the only thing i have installed is a new video card and extra memory but i fitted these in december and the card does not need updated drivers as there is no new ones. i nolonger have the card installed as i did a nondistructive restore i took everything off ( printer,video card,adsl modem ) which were all upto date and have not been fitted back. i have also had a few reg hex key errors poping up as iam totaly computer clueless i dont know what these are but in my words i think it's buggered. iam running win xp home and i got it from pc world . glenn

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