HP or Dell

  allright 09:44 18 Feb 2006

Hi all,

I am in the market for a new notebook, I have a budget of around the 1400 Euro mark. The reason I am looking at HP or Dell is because I live in a place (Corsica ) where these brands are the most popular, so if it needs fixing at all in the future this would be easy.

Between these companies there seems to be so much choice it's a bit bewildering.

Some of the things I will definitely need are.
CD & DVD + - burner
I do a bit of personal web design so a good photo editor.
Wireless capability.
Good size memory
Battery life is important.

So can anyone advise which way to go??


  Jackcoms 10:58 18 Feb 2006

There is only one way to go IMHO ;-)) click here

  De Marcus™ 10:59 18 Feb 2006

I'm a Dell fan however I think both companies can provide you with what you want, in terms of spec and support. The one thing I'd be inclined to mention is the photo editing, whilst you may get some bundled it won't be top notch, it may be better to set aside an amount from your budget to purchase a decent photo editing suite.

One more thing, with wireless capability and battery life a priority for you, nothing less than a centrino model will do.

  allright 12:14 18 Feb 2006

Most of the Dell's seem to come with Intel Core, is that taking over from Centrino?

  anskyber 13:00 18 Feb 2006

They are the future in terms of dual core for Intel click here

  allright 13:21 18 Feb 2006

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the Dell Inspiron E1705 ?

  Jimmy14 17:39 18 Feb 2006

i have read that the battery life is not good at all but here is the review from cnet for the dell el705
click here

  ade.h 18:53 18 Feb 2006

Most Inspirons that I have seen or worked with have had only average battery life. Generally not too bad, but there are certainly many that are better.

Annoyingly chunky in many cases, too. I've no idea why they are often on the thick side.

I prefer my HP for - among other things - its respectably slim chassis and decent battery life. I have already had to make use of the support - though, I must stress, not for any reliability issues - and it was very good.

Fujitsus are very good in these respects, too, though I cannot comment on the support or its availability on Corsica.

  allright 19:05 18 Feb 2006

Thanks for all your comments so far. After an afternoon spent online, I'm now thinking about the Dell Inspiron 9400, does anyone have any opinions about this model? I'm still considering HP too but am struggling to pin down which model/s.

  mark mcc 22:29 22 Feb 2006

hi i had a dell laptop and it was running very slow the day i got it it was centrino so i sent it to the factory. and bought a hp laptop which hasent let me down

hp is the best thats what you sould go for because hp has the better battery life and online tech support so if you want a goos deal go with hp

  mark mcc 22:32 22 Feb 2006

p.s hp also online instant chat which lets you talk to a tech support employee for instant troubleshoothing

as far as i know other companies havent got that advantage!!!!

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