hp OJ4110 all-in-one, any comments please.

  [DELETED] 19:29 19 Dec 2003

hi everyone, i am going to treat myself to an all-in-one printer, i have spotted this one in pcworld, it looks very good, but i am fairly new to buying hardware, as my pc came as a package with an epson C42UX, its a good little printer, no problems with it atall, but i would like to upgrade a little bit, and the OJ4110 looks nice with pretty good specs,any thoughts please. thankyou, joel.

  [DELETED] 20:29 20 Dec 2003

Ink costs?

Can you use non-hp carts?

Other than that, I have a HP all-in-one, it does a great job, but is expensive to run.

  [DELETED] 12:10 22 Dec 2003

very sorry, but i have just sat down, thankyou for your response gaz25, my epson C42UX is a very good little printer, i get very nice a4 prints using my kodak DX4330, i use choicestationery for my ink, so i may look at a all in one from epson, thanks again gaz25, regards joel,

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