HP Officejet Pro L7780 anyone?

  Vulcan 18:17 20 Dec 2008

For some considerable time now I've been contemplating buying the HP Officejet Pro L7780 all-in-one printer. My concern is the varied reports I have read from users and particularly some comments such as "Leave this well alone", "Never again", "Poor build quality", "Noisy" "Tricky to set up" etc. I recall one user in the States who said he was on his seventh replacement! Has anyone got this machine? If so, what's YOUR opinion? I had an earlier HP Officejet all-in-one some years ago which gave me excellent service until it expired. I have read several positive reviews of the 7780, but must say I'm bewildered at the moment.

  ajm 22:30 20 Dec 2008

Hi Vulcan. I have heard complaints from a couple of people I know who had purchased this printer. One of them said that the ADF literally broke and the whole thing is breaking apart.

I personally have the C7280 and must say that its a brilliant printer that has similar features to the OfficeJet 7780

  Vulcan 22:50 20 Dec 2008

Thanks for that, ajm. I've just watched the video on the 7280 and I must say, I'm rather impressed.

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