HP notebook from Staples for £699

  brd 22:40 15 May 2006

Has anyone any experience/advice re the HP notebook that Staples are advertising and selling in their stores for £699? It has a 100GB hard disk,512MB RAM and 15.4" widescreen. But I do not remember any more details. Any advice or comments would be appreciated as I have never owned a laptop before. Thank you

  ade.h 22:54 15 May 2006
  brd 23:23 15 May 2006

Thank you. The link was helpful - but I'm now confused re which is a better processor-pentium or turion. Also are HP Pavilions reliable laptops or should I look at a different make?

  rmcqua 11:31 16 May 2006

I don't feel qualified to comment on the pentium - vs - turion quaestion, but as for reliability HP are amongst the very best.

  The Moog 13:10 16 May 2006

...and so far, I am very happy with it.

The processor copes with everything I throw at it although I am going to add extra RAM (doubling up to 1024Mb)for the occasional video edit. The display is excellent and crisp. The 128Mb dedicated graphics card is one of the strong points of a PC at this price. A 100Gb HDD is large for the budget too. Build quality is not as good as I had come to expect from HP but not at all bad, having said that.

All in all, once you remove some of the naff software options (Norton 60 day trial - not on my machine thank you!), this is a machine I would be happy to confidently recommend to you brd :-)

  kdt 13:38 16 May 2006

bought HP DV5094EA Turion 64 1024mb ram 100 gb
harddisk £749.99 from comet online for my daughter...best buy in computer shopper...though may not suit gamers

  ade.h 16:34 16 May 2006

Pentium versus Turion??

The Pentiums have been tested to be quicker (for what it's worth) like for like, and more usefully, provide better battery life. AMD may have an edge in the high-end desktop market - at least until the desktop Core Duo, that is - but it still lags behind a little bit in laptop CPUs. That's if you don't account for the laptop Core Duo, but to compare the Turions with those would be a little unfair.

I can wholeheartedly second rmcqua's comment about HP, based not least on my own experience.

  Stuartli 23:25 16 May 2006

Also see:

click here

  ade.h 23:40 16 May 2006

If the battery life of that Sony has been improved like the ones higher up the range, I'd recommend it, as I'm a fan of Viaos. But, if it's no better than the previous 315 range, then I'd probably go for the HP, even with the slightly less efficient Turion. My HP (Pentium M) has pretty good battery life.

  kdt 09:52 19 May 2006

battery life hotfix now available from microsoft whilst using usb ports

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