HP Laser Printer Isn't Working

  Deedots 18:16 03 Apr 2010

I am really worried about this new printer that I've bought. It's not new actually since I just bought it in a garage sale, but the owner assured me that it is still functioning. When I used it already, there were no text prints that came out in the paper. Is there something wrong with the printer? Sad to say, there is no warranty for this.

  wiz-king 18:44 03 Apr 2010

Take the toner cartrige out and shake it, if its got damp then the toner may have compacted.
Did you get the disc to install it from?
The HPs I have used have got good help files and put a printer icon on the task bar, double click on that to open the diagnostic and help files.

  spuds 20:29 03 Apr 2010

If it is a garage or car boot sale, then you might expect that it as been stored for perhaps a period of time. Let it warm up at room temperature, then follow wiz-king's advice.

Did you get an installation disk, if not it might pay to try the manufacturer's site for a recent driver download.

Word of warning, be careful about the toner 'particles' or powder, it can make a right mess if it 'leaks' out of the toner cartridge. Self-fill is the cheapest method, when the cartridge is empty, otherwise it can turn out very expensive.

What make is it?.

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