How should I upgrade my PC?

  LuqmanQ 19:51 17 Aug 2014

Hello, My name is Luqman, and I just signed up for this forum because it has been quite helpful in the past regarding advice, and I also thought it was finally time to create an account so that I can join the discussion.

Here is whats on my mind, I have a laptop and a desktop, the laptop is an HP Elitebook 8460p given to me by my cousin for college. The desktop is also HP, however I forgot what model. I want to slowly upgrade them both in the sense of performance and accessories. Let me clarify first off that I am not a gamer, I mean I do play some video games on the ps3, but that is always on the TV.

I want to upgrade my laptop, as in maybe an SSD and a processor*.

I put an asterisk because that is my main question, it may even sound stupid, but is it possible? I'm sure it is, but is it advisable?

For my desktop on the other hand, here's what I had on my mind:

Processor Graphics card RAM Hard Drive, SSD or not?? advice please. P.S. already have 1TB CPU??

Then also a nice monitor, for sometimes hooking up the ps3 to, and overall good quality, for movies and what not.

Thankfully, I already have great speakers, Corsair SP-2500's, they were a great buy.

So, please give some advice as to what I should be looking into, as to performance for my own taste of quality.

Thank You in advance,

Regards & Best Wishes Luqman

  Terry Brown 09:21 18 Aug 2014

Regarding the Laptop update-I do not believe it will be possible to achieve what you want, with a processer upgrade and a SSD drive only- even if is possible, the advantage would be minimal.

With the Desktop, as you do not play Video games on your computer (you do not say what operating system you are using), I would suggest upgrading you memory (XP max. 3gb.)

Check your computer specs. for max memory if you are planning (or use) Vista or Win 7.

A decent monitor will add pleasure to whatever you plan to watch on the screen.

  LuqmanQ 12:27 20 Aug 2014

I run Win7 on everything I have, Win 8 is great, I just like Win 7 better.

So, I shouldnt even put an SSD in the laptop??

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