How to set up new HDD

  ronec1 13:10 05 Aug 2013

I have purchased a new HDD for my Acer laptop. I installed it and inserted my Vista Recovery disc to install Windows. After reading a few files, I got an error message saying 'No Partitions have been detected'. I spoke to Novatech who supplied the drive, and they tried to help with ideas. After having no luck, they suggested I contact Acer, as they may have a way of helping me create a partition so the recovery dis will work. Acer told me, the only way, is to purchase a New Windows system. This seems odd, to have to buy a new Operating system because you have to install a new HDD for some reason. I could perhaps take my hard drive to a computer shop and ask them to install a new system for me, but that may cost the same as buying one. Has anybody got a work around. I would rather install Windows 7 if I can, to get around all the stuff Vista loads on start up.

  HondaMan 14:55 05 Aug 2013

I suggest you right-click on the my computer icon, select properties then Manage, disc management. You should see the additional drive. follow the advice given to create a new partition and all should be well.

  ronec1 15:17 05 Aug 2013

Hi Hondaman (just sold mine) Sorry I cannot do that because there is nothing on the screen. There is just a big error box stating there are no partitions. When I click OK it just goes back to a dead screen with a small flashing line (DOS?) in the top left corner. As I have no idea what to do with DOS, I have not even gone there.

  BRYNIT 17:25 05 Aug 2013

I could be wrong but it could be that the recovery disk only uses the recovery files on a partition of the original to restore the computer back to factory settings and does not have a copy of the OS.

  ronec1 22:17 05 Aug 2013

Hi brynit. Yes that is probably the case. I just think it is a pain that these computer retailers do not give you a the Windows disc that you have obviously paid for, so when there is a problem, you have to pay again for an operating system.

  onthelimit1 08:38 06 Aug 2013

If you can borrow a full W7 OS disk (has to be exactly the same version as previously installed), you can reinstall using your own COA.

  proudfoot 16:35 06 Aug 2013

I have anticipated I could run into the same problem with replacing the H/D in my PC, so I have copied the Factory Image to an external H/D also I made an Acronis TI backup to the same H/D. I have no idea ie either would work,but I make regular backups of my system and apps. etc. so should be able to get a replacement H/D working.

  100andthirty 19:13 06 Aug 2013

Have you still got the original HDD? Does it work? Are either disc from Seagate or Western digital? If ALL of these are true, then you could do this. It does work but takes a little effort. You will also need a usb caddy for the new HDD.

Old HDD in computer! New HDD in caddy! Download the Seagate or W D (as appropriate) from their web site.

With this you can clone your old hard drive onto your new one.

Shout if not clear.

  ronec1 21:00 09 Aug 2013

100and thirty, thanks, but my HDD in the laptop is a Hitachi and the new HDD is a Toshiba that I purchased from Novatech so I do not think anything from the two manufacturers will work. Yes my original HDD is still working, it is just almost full.

  100andthirty 13:00 11 Aug 2013

I suspect your best bet is to bu Acronis True Image. The 2011 version should suit your software. Go to, and type Acronis True Image into their search engine. A 2011 version came up at £10.99.

This software, a caddy for the new drive and the original drive in the computer will provide a clone of the original. It isn't hard, but it is worth reading the manual if you are not sure. Once you have made the clone, you out it in the computer and it should just work.

I did this myself and kept the original drive untouched just in case of problems with the new one. This happened to me also a few months after the change of disc!

  SimpleSimon1 18:10 11 Aug 2013

FWIW, EaseUs ToDo Backup Home is free for private use and has a clone function which sounds as if it is what you're looking for. The product is well-reviewed and I use it for system imaging and data backup and it is easy to use and works well (although I haven't tried the clone function). Might be worth a look.

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