How to sell pirated DVD/Software with impunity

  melic 15:47 26 Jul 2005

I have unfortunatly discovered how to set up a pirated DVD/software shop legally.

A while ago I spent £36 buying two DVDs in response to an advertisement in a national newspaper, once the DVD came in a plain envelope posted second class I realised of this:
-They did not have a case and looked like blank DVDs
-The title had been written with a black pen on them
-The image was awful
-The copyright notice at the beggining of the film was written in Russian

I contacted the shop by mail who plainly ignored me, then I contacted the Federation Against Copyright Theft who advised me to contact Trading Standards
I contacted Trading Standards who investigated the address I gave to them and discovered that it belonged to a company that forwards mail somewhere else.
Trading Standards told me that that was the end of the investigation and the case was closed as the could not do anything about it because they did not know who was behind the mail order shop.

So, I worked out that anyone can set up a pirated material mail order shop with the sofisticated plan of setting up a mail forwarding address and rip off the customers and the companies and the Inland revenue with impunity without anybody doing anything about it.

How can this be? Something is wrong

  esbe 16:37 26 Jul 2005

Hi, Have you tried contacting the newspaper concerned, as I think that some operate 'MOPS' - mail order protection scheme, you might get some joy there, or contact BBC Watchdog and get them to start sniffing around for some info.


  esbe 16:42 26 Jul 2005
  melic 13:38 27 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help, the MOPS website says:

"Purchases which are made following the receipt of a requested brochure or at a visit to a retail store, whether prompted by the advertisement or not."

I received a brochure and then I made the order so I am not covered

  roy 23:20 27 Jul 2005

I am quite appalled at this story. One can't believe that nothing can be done by the Authorities.

  Forum Editor 01:03 28 Jul 2005

If it clearly stated that you would receive 'proper' copies of films that have been released to DVD then a fraud has been committed, and the Police can become involved. They'll be able to find out where this mail-forwarding company sends the mail to.

My guess is that the ad and the brochure were not clearly worded in that respect, and that you'll find there's nothing you can do.

  melic 15:55 29 Jul 2005

The advert did not say I would receive original copies certainly, I don't think even states that in their frontpage, I think it is reasonable to assume that you will receive original and not pirated copies.

I have learn my lesson, never buy from small companies, but I am still amazed that the Federation Against Copyright Theft can't do anything about it when they take full page adverts calling on people to report piracy.

I give it a solved tick, I am unhappy with the result but I see that nothing can't be done about it.

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