how to save photos from SD card to Windows 10

  WendyB 22:56 13 Oct 2015

I insert my SD card into my computer which has been downloaded with Windows 10 and immedialtely a window comes up asking me to connect a device - what device? The choices I have are to try again or close. When I do this I am taken immediately to my Photos screen which is a black background with choices of Collection, Albums, Folders. I cannot see how I can save the photos on the SD card to this screen. I also can only find my SD card on the old index so can open them but then become lost. Please help. I am not a computer wiz and Windows 10 has me completly foxed and unhappy. Wendy

  chub_tor 13:42 15 Oct 2015

On the Photos App in the top right hand corner there are three dots ... and to the left of them is a symbol with a double square and an arrow pointing down. Click on that symbol and it should bring up a window with a comment "Select a Device to import from". Choose your SD card and you should then see "Start Importing" with a link to your Pictures folder. Unfortunately I can't see a way of importing into specific folders within the Picture Folder,

  john bunyan 16:52 15 Oct 2015

In file explorer, go to the SD folder. Highlight the photos or folders you want to import, then "Copy". Then go to your Photos folder on your PC - if necessary a sub folder within it, then "paste" . I have a folder in my Photos Folder called "Import from SD / Camera" that I fill then edit / move the photos after manipulating with Photoshop.

  WendyB 01:16 16 Oct 2015

Thank you for your kind replies but even though I followed the instructions from chub tor I cannot get past the transparent screen which demands I connect a device, try again or cancel. So am unable to action the import.

  iscanut 16:43 16 Oct 2015

As an extension to john's solution, you can also just drag the photos from the SD card folder to the photo folder that you wish the photos to be in.

  cruiser2 19:09 21 Oct 2015

Do you have a card reader. I have a Kingston Part FCR-HS219?1. It has several slots at the front for different sizes of cards so there should be one to fit your. There is only one cable which connects it to the PC by a USB slot on the PC. There should be a red light on the top which shows it is powered. On the PC you should get a symbol showing the device and asking if you want to down load the photos from the SD card. Click yes and they will go to the folder you have selected. You can rename this folder if you want to. I am a silver surfer and usually get there by trial and error.

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