how much storage do i need?

  romeo4 15:56 10 Aug 2014

So I am thinking of buying an Acer, Toshiba or Asus laptop. All seem pretty good value for money.

what I dont know is whether I need memory of 4gb or 8gb and whether I need 1Tb hard drive or if 750gb or even 500gb will be sufficient.

I just want to be able to manage my iTunes account (currently approx 3500 songs), store family photos (not huge volumes), play dvds and browse internet.

obviously the price of the laptop differs depending on size of memory so I don't want to pay for additional memory if I don't need it but equally don't want yo buy a smaller one and find it is not up to the job. Any help would be appreciated please.

Also what processor should I look for or avoid? I.e. what Intel or AMD version should I opt for?

sorry for so many questions. I am a bit clueless when it comes to this!

  mole1944 16:22 10 Aug 2014

8gb and 1TB

  stevethetester 18:12 10 Aug 2014

agree but would say that the bigger the hard drive the better; my own home PC has a 2 TB hard drive and is filling up quickly with new stuff. It's true what they say-you can never have enough room on a hard drive!! It's also worth mentioning that to prevent your computer from slowing down the basic and minimum requirement is to keep at least 20% of your hard drive free. As for processor I would suggest that you go for the highest spec Intel (i3/i5/i7 etc-not Pentium etc)that you can- as against AMD. Although slightly more expensive the Intel range is much faster than the AMD processors. Hope this helps, Steve

  romeo4 13:10 11 Aug 2014

Thanks both for your responses.

Just by way of a follow up question. you say that maximising the hard drive capacity is a priority, is that more important than a higher RAM? what is the difference?

  wee eddie 13:54 11 Aug 2014

I'm fascinated: This iTunes Account contains approximately 3500 songs.

Making a very rough assumption, that each song is 3 minutes long, the Account would play continuously for 10 weeks without repetition! Wow.

What proportion is redundant?

  Menzie 16:27 11 Aug 2014

1TB should be what you aim for storage-wise, especially if music is involved. You also have to consider that as your software collection matures they will get bigger and bigger via patches and updates. My Windows folder alone has grown to over 20GB in size.

Having a drive much bigger than you need will help alleviate the need to upgrade the drive again in the near future because you find yourself running out of space.

If going the AMD route avoid the E-series as these are made for very basic computing and are quite sluggish. An A8 or higher would be recommended if going the AMD route, although the Intel CPUs do perform better overall, for standard use and even some light gaming the AMD A8 and A10 will offer decent performance in day-to-day use. The Intel chips are more power efficient so if you will be away from the mains for extended periods the Intel i-series would be more suitable particularly the 4th gen.

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