how much ram do i need

  ROB/R 10:14 07 May 2004

i want it for copying camcorder tapes to dvd,s on my pc.

  961 10:38 07 May 2004

I assume you have Windows XP and a cpu of, say Athlon 1700xp or equivalent or faster

Although many will suggest more, I get by on video editing etc fine with 512Mb and 256 is ok although slow

With Windows Me 256 is quite adequate with 512 being faster

  byfordr 10:42 07 May 2004

256mb imho is the absolutely bare minimum for xp alone
512mb good for xp and ok for video editing
1024mb nice! You should be able to do most things without too much lag
Anything more and most home users probably won't see the difference compared to the cost.

At the moment on my Dads 3ghz intel and 512mb can do it ok. On my 3hz intel, 1024mb memory, 9800pro absolutely no problems.

What processor, o/s and graphics card do you have?


  ROB/R 10:50 07 May 2004

cpu 3ghz xt5700 any good.

  byfordr 10:56 07 May 2004

Chuck as much memory in as you can afford! Also helps for multi-tasking, day to functions, gaming...would recommend a minimum of 512mb, 1mb will make the system a lot more pleasant to use ;-)


  ROB/R 11:00 07 May 2004

thank you.

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