How much to ask for my PC when selling

  Maoleis 11:11 27 May 2011


Earlier this year I hit overclockers and ordered myself some new parts and ended up buying a whole new system. After many a steam purchase I must now go to Uni and it has to go. Only trouble is given how quick computers depreciate, how much can I reasonably ask for the following specs:

AsRock N68s Mainboard DDR2+DDR3 AMD Athlon Dual Core 5000 (2.4GHZ) 4GB Kingston DDR2 RAM 500 GB SATA Hard Disk NVIDIA 9800 GT graphics card Antec 300 Gaming Case

I'm not offering a monitor, but wireless peripherals go with it and a USB 360 pad.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Peace - Mao

  Maoleis 11:12 27 May 2011

Addendum: Windows 7 Ultimate is the OS.

  Maoleis 11:49 27 May 2011

More detailed specs courtesy of my Overclockers receipt:

Asrock SKT-AM2 N68-S Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.70GHz (Socket AM2) – Retail 4GB DDR2 Kingston RAM (2GB Twin) Asus GeForce EN9800 GT 512MB GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail Hiper 530W HPU-4M530 SLi Certified ATX 2.2 PSU LiteON DH-20A4P-21C 20x DVD±RW IDE Dual Layer ReWriter (Black) – OEM

  rickf 11:59 27 May 2011

For you info, I recently sold my about the same specs for £50. Hope that helps.

  spuds 13:32 27 May 2011

I generally find that a good indicator can be obtained from a auction site, something like eBay. Your local newspaper might have adverts, as might the local shop or store with a public sales notice board.

What is the price you are hoping to sell it for?.

  wee eddie 15:46 27 May 2011

You are likely to be very disappointed with the price, although I think that rickf is probably slightly underrating your selling abilities.

Your main problem will be actually finding a potential Buyer.

  erkmatrix 14:39 28 May 2011

You are probably best off advertising in a local newspaper than ebay if you ask for me for something like a second hand PC. how much did you pay for it, try it for something you'd expect to pay for a second hand machine of that spec.

It sad but PCs lose so much of their value when you come to wanting to sell one, I too a while back wanted to sell my old PC but in the end I thought I might as well keep it as a second PC in another room than have it go for such a little price.

But you maybe lucky in a newspaper articles for sale ad and get a reasonable amount for it.

  HXP 00:07 29 May 2011

Not sure where you are in the UK - I am Nr Cheletenham - might be interested if you can give me a price - stick a reply on here and I will reply - I am sure you want it to go to a good home ! ( I want to start messing with Linus and it could be a good test machine )

  Forum Editor 12:03 29 May 2011

stick a reply on here and I will reply

Please don't do that - we can't accept posts which offer goods for sale under any circumstances.

  HXP 18:04 29 May 2011

ooops . sorry

  wee eddie 19:15 29 May 2011

We used to use the 'wee envelope', to send each other such messages, but that's currently under development, I think.

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