How many of you have seen or noticed them?

  Rumple 21:03 28 Feb 2004

The advertising links that is....situated on the bottom of the page under the banner Pc advisor Marketplace. Reason i ask is because i am interested in buying a link myself to promote my online company which is opening in March.(As well as word of mouth)
Tell me if you ever noticed them or even read what they say...
i look forward to your replies
Cheers Rumple.

  PurplePenny 21:29 28 Feb 2004

I've noticed them and even clicked on a couple of them.

  powerless 22:23 28 Feb 2004

I tend to stop at "Add a new response to" and go no further down. I notice the ads, top, right and keyword underlines more.

  JAN-BOY 23:31 28 Feb 2004

I'm the same as powerless, I never scroll any further than the post box.

I did'nt even know that there was anything below this point!

  canard 23:49 28 Feb 2004

Never look below add response.

  soy 00:39 29 Feb 2004

yep, I'm the same!

Never noticed it until 2day. lol.

  lightfeet 07:32 29 Feb 2004

Same as above. I have noticed them but never click them. Suppose we should look at them occassionally as presumably that's what helps pay for our free use of the forums!

  powerpow 07:51 29 Feb 2004

i havnt noticed them until mentioning them today.Eyes to busy taking in all the other more noticable advertisements as well as trying to concentrate on other agenda on the page.I must say I have clicked on the sideband advertisement links though.

  simonp1 08:14 29 Feb 2004

i must agree....whats down below...never been that far..

  johnnyrocker 09:00 29 Feb 2004

seen but never bothered.


  SGT [email protected] 10:08 29 Feb 2004

i've seen a screen with those link when i log in but it goes really quicly to the next screen , didnt even know they were there , but i do now , as the man said , never scrolled down that far.

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