How to make my PC well... better

  T3ctonic 21:25 17 Dec 2015

I won a computer on Ebay last year and I was wondering what can I do to make it faster and well better in general. Any thoughts?

Link to specs: click here note that I was contacted by the sellers to get windows 8 instead of 7 so its OS is Windows 8. I have also now upgraded to Windows 10.


  RV510 21:57 17 Dec 2015

Usually it's a matter of cleaning it out, any programmes you don't want or will never use uninstall them, that's as long as one programme is not an element of another that you do need. Defrag the HD will also help. If you find that web pages and sites are slow in loading this can be quite normal and there's not a lot you can do to speed them up, the reason they are sometimes slow is the amount of 'adverts' that the page contains, you can speed them up a little by clicking on the little arrow 'AdChoices'and filter them out. Also set the PC to delete your browsing history on exit by clicking the 'tools' icon in the top taskbar whilst on the 'net' and in 'general' check the box or circle 'delete browsing history on exit'. Disabling 'add-ons' can also help, again, tools>manage ad-ons. Your internet security programme can affect speed when it is running updates and scans but there's nothing you can do about that. I'm sure others will give you some more suggestions.

  T3ctonic 22:17 17 Dec 2015

I have done that. What I am looking for is a hardware upgrade to play games such as Space Engineers and Battlefield 4 at higher qualities.

  wee eddie 23:13 17 Dec 2015

The link is no longer specific. You will have to give us the details yourself.

No one will be able to offer sensible advice without that knowledge

  T3ctonic 01:18 18 Dec 2015

Intel Core I5 4570. Storage: 2tb. RAM: 24gb ddr3 ram. 1600Mhz. Graphics Card: Nvidea GT 640. Motherboard: GIGABYTE B85-D3H MOTHERBOARD. Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit.

If any more information is required please ask. :)

  wee eddie 01:50 18 Dec 2015

I can hear some of our Forum Members drooling

  T3ctonic 01:51 18 Dec 2015

How so?

  rdave13 09:28 18 Dec 2015

I'm not a gamer but I suspect your GPU is poor for high-end games. See this thread .

If you do decide to upgrade the GPU you will need to check if you also need to upgrade your PSU.

  rdave13 09:38 18 Dec 2015

This is the benchmark of your GPU click here.

  T3ctonic 14:15 19 Dec 2015

I have a ACE 750W BR PSU with 12cm Red Fan and PFC will that be able to run a GTX 970?

  rdave13 14:52 19 Dec 2015

Yea as it shows minimum power requirement as 500 W - see here.

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