How to lose line rental.....??

  Tim1964 23:48 28 Sep 2008

I have a BT line for my Sky BB which, according to my latest bill, cost me exactly £40(inc VAT) for the quarter.

My wife and daughter have mobiles with a huge amount of free calls/texts and I can use my company phone as required so we make no outgoing calls at all. In fact the bill before last showed 2 calls for a grand total of 39 pence!

So we only need the phone for broadband but as I download around 20Gb a month a 'mobile' dongle BB is no good.

I understand, of course, that BT have laid the cables to the house and provided the equipment in the exchange which has to be paid for by someone but I don't need it.

Is there any BB package that can include a higher cap for downloads for less than I'm paying already??


  Stuartli 00:01 29 Sep 2008

If you use an ISP - TalkTalk for example - which requires the use of a BT line, then the line rental cost is paid on your behalf by the ISP.

TalkTalk pays the line rental of £10.50 to BT for me as it has its own LLU equipment in my exchange; the line rental is included in the £20.50 per month cost of my AnyTime International3 package.

  Tim1964 00:16 29 Sep 2008

I have any outgoing calls routed via Sky's free evening and weekend package (a bit pointless as we could use our mobiles instead) but even moving the line rental to Sky from BT will cost the same.

It's a shame an ISP with LLU (like Sky) can't offer a BB ONLY/No calls package for less.

Maybe if BB via a dongle gets more popular in the future, the download limits may increase to a more 'realistic' level.

  birdface 08:12 29 Sep 2008

You could use Virgin and get shot of the BT phone line.They are doing some good deals for new customers and their service has improved a lot recently. click here

  Clapton is God 10:02 29 Sep 2008

I use Tiscali's Max Unlimited + Anytime Talk package.

This costs £17.99 per month for up to 8MB download speeds (unlimited downloads within the terms of their 'Fair Usage' policy), free phone calls (to 01 or 02 numbers) 24/7 and includes line rental

  Stuartli 10:09 29 Sep 2008

Ah, but it doesn't include free AnyTime international calls to 36 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and Europe....:-)

In the case of some countries, the free international calls include those to mobiles.

  Clapton is God 11:38 29 Sep 2008

No, it includes free Anytime international calls to 10 countries including the US (including mobiles), Canada (including mobiles), Australia, NZ and Europe .... :-)

  Condom 16:07 29 Sep 2008

Anyone wanting to make international calls on a land line should go through the 0844 regime. I call a Thailand mobile number all the time from the UK and only pay 1p per minute using 0844. It is more numbers to remember but it saves a hell of a lot of money. Google 0844 to see all the countries you can call and the charges.

  Stuartli 16:24 29 Sep 2008

I use Dial0844 to call one of the offspring in the Caymans - unfortunately TalkTalk's free international calls don't, so far, include the islands.

Cost is 5p a minute, 2p less than most of the 0844 call suppliers. Nothing is cheap on the Caymans, so the cost of calls there isn't surprising.

  Tim1964 19:37 29 Sep 2008

The original point I was trying to make was not how to save money on call costs, as we have free weekend/evenings and 3x mobiles to use at other times, it was how to have a BB package for less than the line rental and the £5/month I pay now.

In the 'good old days' internet access was an add-on to the telephone calls so you needed a landline anyway but now that is not the case.

  tullie 20:02 29 Sep 2008

You will allways pay line rental,either direct to BT,or via your ISP

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