How long is too long?

  jack 12:14 23 Apr 2008

A recent post spoke of a machine being in for repair for 3 weeks or more with no indication of completion or other progress.
This is a fairly frequent comment in the
Consumer watch forum.
Some times also lack of parts or waiting for parts are cited.

When it is one of the 'Big boys' in the frame then machines being 'lost' in the system is frequently the cause or simply plain incompetence.
But what about the small high street shop.
If there is a delay due to volume of work- should this one have been taken on or a realistic date given.
Shortage of parts does not seem to ring true at all unless it is a custom part from one of the mass brands - then would it go to the local shop -well I suppose it might if the owner is not that savvy
So what I am trying to get an opinion on is.
When should an owner go to the repairer and ask for the machine back - repaired or not at no cost?

  BT 16:58 23 Apr 2008

I know PC World comes in for some stick on these pages but to be fair when I had a serious problem with my computer the Technician who came to fix it at home under the 3 year warrenty was most efficient.

He found the fault with the graphics card straight away - the fan had fallen off! - and replaced it with a new one.

Unfortunately the computer still wouldn't work and he ended up replacing the mother board as well.

He did the whole job in under an hour which was quite impressive for an almost complete strip down and rebuild. He left me to re-install Windows and phoned me an hour or so later to see if all was well.

  jack 08:24 24 Apr 2008

shows how long a machine should be in the hands of a competant techie with parts to hand.
In this case being mobile- and still having parts prove the point I am trying to make.
Should a machine be a week or more in the hands of a repair shop?
Waiting for parts- should ring alarm bell straight away in my view.
When should a customer start thinking the worst?

  wiz-king 06:09 25 Apr 2008

A 'small' repair shop is like the average small garage - it cant stock everything for all makes. It will keep one or two of the most common items but thats all. I remember when a few years ago we had a severe thunderstorm my local shop ran out of modem cards and boxes, he had over twenty PC owners saying 'I cant connect to the web', he even came round to me to see if I had any he could borrow to get customers up and running. No small shop could afford to carry that many parts in stock.

  jack 08:11 25 Apr 2008

Whiz King - true- No small Repair business can keep vast stocks of parts - some of which will be called bur rarely- But automotive or It- there is a vast network of suppliers out there that can supply overnight- and if the repair shop is properly set up they will be tapped into that chain.
Even me[and the rest of most of us] can get hold of common parts - retail - within 48 hours
In my case twice in recent weeks.

  Diemmess 17:43 27 Apr 2008

Back in the days of either BBC TV or ITV and rental........ a dealer told me that when the ITV transmitter failed as it did quite often, he would be flooded with calls from those who didn't even try BBC before blaming the set!

  pcw Manager!!??! 19:15 27 Apr 2008

Pc world operate a 28 day policy. if machine is away for over 28 days techguys will authorise a write off no problem. This may seem a long time but includes all handling and collection/despatch times. if its over a year old and under extended cover then they operate a 6 week rule before write off. hope this helps

  jack 10:19 28 Apr 2008

Thank you for the advice.
May I suggest that -if this is genuine declared policy of DSG.
the words are put under a suitable heading to be posted whenever a DSG issue come to the fore- which it will.-
Being a big organization there is a lot scope for things not going they way they should- and a customer could find such a piece of info useful if they come up against - let us say
a less well Informed/Trained staffer.

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