How long should a keyboard last?

  parveen 18:42 22 Aug 2003

I'd be interested to know how long you think a keyboard should last for?

In time maybe-keystrokes is a bit technical.

I ask because my second keyboard in the same number of years has disappearing letters on the pads-

do you thnk its reasonable?

  sgtdibble 18:55 22 Aug 2003

I've had this keyboard nearly 3 years and it was
second hand then it works well and the letters
are as new it's a Compaq so it must be down to the
quality i suppose Tom>>>

  spuds 19:13 22 Aug 2003

The price of keyboards nowadays, make replacement very cost effective.I think the cheapest buy is about £3.99, but of course you can go much higher that that,depending on wants. The one that I use is a 'soft touch' from Maplins, which I purchased about twelve month ago for about £6.00. Still performing great today and every day since purchase.

  Mysticnas 19:38 22 Aug 2003

old keyboards that cam with some very old computers... used everyday for type setting and programming... about 12yrs old... still in good nick.

was going to chuck em, but thought i could make something arty out of them.

Maybe a Cyber Pyramid? hmm...

  jospar 20:27 22 Aug 2003

sadly I'm not so lucky, (prehaps it's because I haven't got a cat to kick) but there again if I had a cat I couldn't kick it so would be in the same position.

When the time comes when it a choice between computer out the window or thumping hell out of the keyboard, then the keyboard gets it!

But under normal use, they last several years, I normaly find that the keys become loose or slightly none responsive. But I only use cheap basic ones though.

My problems lay with my mouse killing activities, used to kill them on a regular bases, too heavy handed when cleaning the rollers I think. But have resloved this problem with an optical mouse.

  mistagf 21:33 22 Aug 2003

I invested in a Logitech cordless desktop - the keyboard went in a recycling bag after about 10 months.

Typing this on a Packard Bell keyboard circa summer 1996 and is still perfect!

Mind you , after some hours working at this desk it's nice to select a wee snack from in amongst the keys!

mmm! Alt Gr with chips and a salad maybe :-)

  david.h 22:03 22 Aug 2003

basic "gateway" keyboard now over 5 years has heavy use still going strong, shame gateway went bust in europe

  tbh72 22:08 22 Aug 2003

I splashed out on a Cherry G84-4100.... It's one of those tiny k/boards.... It cost a small fortune so I would hope it last a loooong time....

The only real trouble I have with it is the full stop key....

  Mysticnas 23:03 22 Aug 2003

MS natural multimedia keyboard.

going strong after a year, and hopefully still will be after 3more years.

planning on keeping this, unless there's some new fancy type of keyboard that comes my way!

  Djohn 23:40 22 Aug 2003

Bought myself a "Packard Bell" KB-500 from PC World couple of weeks back, about £40.00, I think! Excellent soft silent keys, very small, similar to a Laptops keyboard. Hope it will last me for many years. j.

  DieSse 01:51 23 Aug 2003

"disappearing letters on the pads"

is to my mind not acceptable after a year of normal use (unless you use your fingernails to type - even then my Trust - identical at the time to one sold by Logitech(!) is still OK after a number of years..) It's a poor manufacturing process - and there clearly are better ones that don't suffer from this.

However you can't expect much if you didn't pay much...... If you paid a fair amount for a good quality one, take it back and complain.

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