How Long Should £1525 TV Last?

  shaduf 21:54 16 Apr 2010

My Samsung 50" TV has broken down. A main Samsung repairer says it needs a new Optical Block and these are no longer available.

I paid QVC £1525 for it and I have had it 4 years and 5 months.

Is that a reasonable time under Consumer Law.

Be obliged for opinions and or legal fact.


  spuds 22:29 16 Apr 2010

Have a word with Consumer Direct click here

At that price I would imagine the six year rule might apply. I am surprised that there was not a 5 year warranty with it, but buying it through QVC, possibly not.

  Forum Editor 23:31 16 Apr 2010

is not something that is defined in law. It should last a 'reasonable' period, but what is reasonable in specific circumstances can only be defined by a court.

In normal use it would seem to me to be reasonable to expect that a £1500 TV should last a good deal longer than 4 years and 5 months however, and in your position I would be contacting the manufacturer as a matter of urgency.

  morddwyd 06:57 17 Apr 2010

Unfortunately 50" Samsungs are now available for around £500, and you have had four years use out of yours.

I doubt if any recompense you can get will be anything like satisfactory.

  BT 08:01 17 Apr 2010

Its worth having a word with the people at QVC. I had an issue with an item which stopped working outside its guarantee and they gave me a refund.

Large items like you have are ususlly supplied direct from the manufactures via QVC, and so you should have a manufacturers warranty anyway.

  ronalddonald 12:13 17 Apr 2010

What warranty were you offered at the time, and is it still in date. Most things we buy from the net and from shop have different warranties and some are valid from a couple of days to a year.

  shaduf 16:44 17 Apr 2010

Thanks for all your comments.
I have spoken to Samsung and they were concerned and extremely helpful. They said that all spares were not necessarily available once a TV had been discontinued for five years. Not unreasonable, I suppose.
I am to send them the original purchase invoice together with the engineers report as they don’t recognise his description of the required parts but confirmed them as recognised Samsung Repair Agents.
From what he said they will do everything they can to assist and I was impressed with their concern.
Will come back sometime in the near future with the outcome.
Thanks again.

  sunnystaines 08:41 18 Apr 2010

if its a plasma screen these only have a short life of about 6 years

  anchor 13:21 18 Apr 2010

Interesting article re: life of a plasma screen:

click here

  Jameslayer 16:37 18 Apr 2010

looks like you may get a positive outcome to this.

  shaduf 20:18 18 Apr 2010

As I said I will come back to the thread in some detail when I get a response from Samsung and possibly QVC. I understand my initial claim,if any is with QVC but I first have to satisfy myself that the faulty component/s is not now available and the only people who can tell me that are Samsung. Until Samsung receive my Job Sheet from their Service Agent they are not really in a position to properly comment but they seemed anxious to help.

One thing I must correct as it was not obvious in my original post. The TV is not a Plasma nor LCD.
It is a DLP (Digital Light Processor). This is a chip by Texas Instruments which has the light shining through it via a colour wheel and projects on to the inside of a glass screen. It is totally different to the early Rear Projection TVs which used three Cathode Ray Tubes and were very dull.
The DLP is a beautiful High Definition picture and has wowed all who have seen it for the last four years. In theory, replacing the projector lamp at £100 per throw which I have done only once results in a picture as good as new. The only other thing that should go is the colour wheel who's bearings on the early models failed eventually but later they used fluid bearings I understand which removed that problem.
When I bought mine Samsung had several models out and so did Sagem but they seem to have discontinued them a couple of years ago. Lots of TV projectors have also and do use DLP technology.

Anyway, having cleared that up I will report back when I have a result.

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