How long does it take to up-grade BB connection?

  josie mayhem 12:21 01 Nov 2005

Does anyone know hoe long I should expect it to take to up-grade my 512 broadband connection to a MB connection?

I'm using the same company (onetel) that already providing my slower broadband connection, I order it on the 20-10-05, and when I put in the request for it, they confirmed and then said 5 working days, which I took it, that it would happen by the 28-10-05, and I did receive a e-mail from the concerning another query, and in the e-mail it said any day now, and that was on the 24-10-05. But every time I check the status on my account, so far it has got to the second stage, order placed... it hasn't moved.

I only stayed with onetel, because of the hassles changing to another ISP, which would mean that I would have to get a them to disconnect my BB connection so that I could allow another provider to connect, and with this you can have a couple of days with out BB, rather than 1/2 hour or so.

  Jackcoms 14:12 01 Nov 2005

Over the past few months I've gone through several upgrades with my ISP (Tiscali).

I went from 512k to 1mb to 2mb to 2mb + phone service.

In each case, the speed/service upgrade had taken place within 24 hours of placing my order with Tiscali.

  josie mayhem 14:27 01 Nov 2005

I thought that they might be dragging there legs a bit.

When I first tried to up-grade to the faster BB, the checker actually told me that my line was incapable of supporting any BB at all! so couldn't place a upgrade/order at all...

I did send a e-mail asking why? which took several days to be answered, but receive a e-mail back on the 24-10-05 saying that they were slightly confused about my e-mail, as the MB was going through and would be active any day now (my interpretation of any day is 2-3 days) so should have been changed by last Friday at the latest.

So I think it's time to have a moan at them.

  Jackcoms 15:56 01 Nov 2005

"the checker actually told me that my line was incapable of supporting any BB at all! so couldn't place a upgrade/order at all..."

click here and enter your phone number or post code and click on 'Check'.

That will tell you whether you are in a BB area or not.

Then click on BT ADSL and that will tell you the maximum BB speed capacity of your local exchange.

  spuds 16:06 01 Nov 2005

Normally an ISP would provide a new account holder,allowing for the necessary check, broadband within 5/10 working days. If you use your present ISP, then it could take less than 24 hours, depending on the relationship between BT [if line provider]and the ISP.Like Jackcoms, I am on Tiscali,and a simple upgrade using the internet procedures resulted in a new uprated connection within 24 hours.

To check on your exchange, try click here

  josie mayhem 16:25 01 Nov 2005

I've checked via BT,

But what does a exchange need to have to except the 2mb higher speeds?

  josie mayhem 16:47 01 Nov 2005

I've run a check via ordering from BT a BB connection, and this suggest that the max I'm going to get is up to MB, and because my line is so long, that I might have to have one of there engineers come and install for me?!!!

The length of the line has confused me, if I was on the very limits for BB, then I could understand, but the exchange (a main exchange at that) is only about 945 meters away from me as the crow fly. In fact during the winter I can see the telephone masks that sit on top of it, through the oak trees that normally obstruct my view!

I have fired another e-mail to onetel, to find out whats going on, but if it's like my last query then I won't expect a reply until next week sometime...

  Stuartli 17:00 01 Nov 2005

I've had exactly the same speedy upgrades with Tiscali as Jackcoms - promised within 48 hours and actually achieved by the following day.

  josie mayhem 17:10 01 Nov 2005

I think it might be time for a change, I'm getting rather fed up with it all now.

  MidgetMan 17:14 01 Nov 2005

Just upgraded from 512k to 2 mb with wannadoo, took 12hrs!!!!

  spuds 18:39 01 Nov 2005

Have you been released by Onetel?.

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