How gutted am I?

  Elrond 14:15 16 Oct 2003

I ordered an Acer Laptop from Watford Electronics on Saturday evening at a cost of £710. At the time there were two copies of the same laptop both being sold at the above price and I didn't realise why. So pressed on with my order. By Sunday afternoon it dawned on me that one copy had XP Home installed and the other XP Pro. I'd ordered the XP Home version. So, preferring the idea of getting XP Pro I foned watford first thing on Monday morning to enquire about having the XP Pro version instead. I was told I would have to go through cancelling that order then re-ordering the other one, which at the time seemed a hassle because 1) I'd sorted out a whole finance plan with them and then 2) I had to rush to get to uni. So I didn't bother. Today I went on watford's site and the XP Home version has been dropped in price to £25 cheaper than I paid. Was this a scheduled price drop or did I bring it to their attention that XP Pro version was being sold at the same price as XP Home? I cant believe I'm forking out £25 pounds more. A lot to such a poor student. I wouldnt have minded if the price changed a few months later. You expect it. But not days. Now I've had my rant. Thanks and Sorry.

  Morpheus© 14:47 16 Oct 2003

"I wouldnt have minded if the price changed a few months later."

could you not make out it was a few months later, what ever you buy to-day will be given away tomorrow, or a new all singing all dancing version will be out..

have you tried kicking the cat, that often helps.

  Stuartli 15:36 16 Oct 2003

A "poor student" spending more than £700 on a laptop...:-)

  Elrond 15:58 16 Oct 2003

The wonders of credit and finance agreements

  vinnyT 16:36 16 Oct 2003

Go to the uni bar and forget all your woes. Good luck with your course.

  Elrond 16:55 16 Oct 2003

Thanks vinnyT. I may just do that.

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