How good/fast is argos when purchasing online and awaiting to arrange delivery-any bad experiences?

  theDarkness 12:59 14 Aug 2011

I bought a washing machine at the start of the month, and the website stated (after taking my money immediately on purchase) that they would contact me to arrange a date for delivery. Its now coming up to the 16th - they said they would contact before then. I obviously have a couple more days to go, but I didnt think it take until this exact date for a response. The item is still "in stock" for my post code, although I am wondering how often the website is updated. Yes, perhaps I am just not being patient, but after googling to find some angry customers awaiting orders a couple of months later, I am wondering now if argos was a good choice? :) I dont want to have to wait another month or two to get my purchase. If the website is wrong with it being available or not, it would seem that a refund may only be possible by calling them too-possibly another annoyance, lol

  961 14:48 14 Aug 2011

Unusual for them to be beyond advertised delivery times

Lost in computer?

Why not give them a ring to your local branch or head office quoting order number using

for a geographic number if that is cheaper, or e-mail

  961 14:50 14 Aug 2011

simply type Argos in to "search for an alternative number"

  961 14:50 14 Aug 2011

simply type Argos in to "search for an alternative number"

  theDarkness 15:43 14 Aug 2011

I just thought they would be quicker to arrange a delivery date. Even if I do eventually get a phone call from their courier, Ill be waiting yet again for the actual item. Ive emailed them since it will probably take a few days to get a response anyway, asking if the item is definately available in the area, what courier is being used, and why I have had no telephone calls within the set period so far to arrange a delivery date. Who knows, perhaps the courier is just busy and will call before tuesday (this is the date that they were supposed to ring before, to set up a delivery). If I dont hear word after tuesday then I will most likely give them a ring, but if they tell me to get in contact with the courier (something THEY should be doing) and I dont get much further next week in finding out where everything is upto, then I will be likely looking for a refund-this item was needed as quickly as possible, so perhaps an online purchase wasnt the best way to go about it, despite me thinking it would be, lol :) thanks

  Woolwell 16:03 14 Aug 2011

When I ordered my Ipad from Argos I was able to select the delivery slot and got an e-mail with confirmation. It was quite quick. It also gave me delivery tracking through the e-mail.

When buying on-line I look for delivery time (sometimes given sometimes estimated) and weigh up whether I could buy locally quicker (if in stock locally).

  spuds 16:14 14 Aug 2011

Not the answer to the question you have raised, but thought my experiences might help?.

A few months ago we ordered a large item in the local Argos store on a Friday afternoon, and was given a choice of delivery slots for the following Tuesday or Thursday (am/pm). Chose the Tuesday morning slot, and it was confirmed, and on the Tuesday morning driver phoned at 11.30am apologising, saying he was running late. He arrived at 12.30pm. The item arrived in an Argos truck from a warehouse 70 miles away. Argos have a large distribution complex only 14 miles from my home!.

I have also ordered a number of item from the Argos Outlet, via eBay, and they have arrived within 1 to 3 days. Tesco Outlet the same. Did find that on one occasion, trying to contact the Argos Outlet via their customer service given telephone number was a little difficult, nobody seemed to want to answer the phone?.

  theDarkness 16:47 14 Aug 2011

thanks for the replies :) there was no delivery slot option on the website to set a date-I suppose if they use independant couriers for large items then customers arranging it all themselves could cause a bit of a mess if a courier was very busy, lol, but then, calling my home phone is all they would need to do to change that date. I am wondering if I can go into the actual high st store after the 16th to get them to do all the phoning/talking as long as I have my order printed out-the local store might be able to phone all required and set it all up better than any argos call centre-theres only one way to find out :)

  Menzie 12:12 16 Aug 2011

I ordered my fridge from Argos which was delivered quite quickly.

The website had an estimate of 14 days but I was called the very next day by them and they had a slot available the day after.

The day after they called they arrived and delivered my fridge.

  theDarkness 16:22 16 Aug 2011

The site stated I should receive a phone call by today, so Ill keep my hopes up.. 8 hrs to go - theres still time, lol. The only calls I've received so far today were from a talk talk foreign call centre (they call every day) and some random accident/insurance company (no doubt a linked telemarketer to talk talk). It probably is a case of poor or even no communication between argos and their linked delivery companies.

It sounds like you were very lucky, and it is definately time to either complain and/or get my money back :)

  Woolwell 16:28 16 Aug 2011

I thought Argos did their own deliveries in their own liveried vehicles. Argos Home delivery

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