How good is the Sony Vaio GRT715M?

  stu2 22:27 05 Jul 2003

I have seen this Sony from Dixons and looks a very good Laptop, with a good spec, does anyone else have any views on this model?

  somar 09:00 06 Jul 2003

Generally speaking all Sony VAIO are very good products. Only reservation I would have is VGA on that model. As I mentioned somewhere before I would always go with ATI because I believe that NVIDIA is not as fast as ATI but other ways they are good quality products. Iin the future Sony will probably be one of the biggest brands in respect to PC market because they are quit innovative and they are packing their products with features , and they actualy work out of the box , unlikee some other products .

  malik4456 09:50 06 Jul 2003

They are expensive and for less money you could buy equally good product like Toshiba or Compaq.

  kasim 18:59 10 Jul 2003

you shouldnt buy from curry's or dixons. in majority of the cases it is cheaper to buy elsewhere. if you look around you will tend to find that sony vaio's can be purchased at a very good price and they are excellent value for money.

  Confab 20:20 10 Jul 2003

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