How far are you from your BT exchange?

  Thalmus 11:03 22 Sep 2005

For security reasons BT doesn't give out the locations of their exchanges, not very helpful if your interested in these new 24 meg broadband providers and want to know how much bandwith your going to lose due to distance.

However, I jsut discovered a little trick to find them. Goto the Royal mail web page click here and click on the postcode finder, you'll need to register to use it. Type "British Telecom" in the business name and your town name. It will then list all the exchanges near you.

This is probably old news but I'd thought i would mention it incase anybody was interested/unaware/cared!

  garethuk81 17:41 31 Jul 2010

Okay, so according to the "line of sight" i am about 2.3km from my exchange, which is enabled for upto 20Mbps. Because of distance i am getting 5-6Mbps.

Now, I understand BT will be rolling out FTTC in March next year (03/11), which i believe will mean them running fiber cables from my local exchange, to the telephone boxes dotted around.

So, i can actually see my little green telephone cabinet from my window, which is about 250ft away. Will this mean i will get exception line speeds now since after the implementation of FTTC and that fact that the cabinet is only a few hundred feet away?

I mean, now the question would be speed degradation would be depending on how long you are from your telepgone street cabinet, what would be the average attenuation of that be classed at? minimal,average, bad, very bad etc?

Ta :-)

  Big L 266 09:31 01 Aug 2010


My local BT Exchange is around 300 yards away and housed in an ugly, old, run-down, delapidated, grim, out-of-place concrete edifice in Station Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

My broadband speed is between 15 & 19 mbps.

My mobile phone reception is better than a land-line.

A lick of paint wouldn't go amiss.

Not bad for a rural Lincolnshire town I'd say.

Big L 266

  daytimers82 16:30 03 Aug 2010

when i was a child i use to think Lincoln biscuits came from Lincolnshire

  Thalmus 17:01 03 Aug 2010

wow, is this thread still going?

  07patty 17:06 05 Aug 2010

well i'm about 4 miles from my exchange.
meaning broadband is about 1mbps speed. if i'm lucky.
time to upgrade the exchange in frensham BT? i think so.. considering the towns around us are getting Fibre.

  ams4127 19:50 05 Aug 2010

I live less than 100 metres from my exchange. Download speed seldom exceeds 500Kps.

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