How does TinyGreenPC (and others) get to use the PC Advisor logo?

  wildside 19:48 30 Nov 2014

I have limited computer time because of power constraints (and work!) so I haven't researched this whole site to find out, but was wondering what kind of criteria must be met for a company like TinyGreenPC to be able to use the PC Advisor logo on their web site? Do they pay to use it, get reviewed and "accepted" or is there some process to go through? I have to admit seeing the "seals of approval" on their web site encouraged me to purchase without hesitation, and further due diligence on my part... caveat emptor indeed!

So does the PC Advisor logo on a web site mean an endorsement, or not? If it does, is there a procedure to file a complaint against companies that have been endorsed that will affect that endorsement? It would be good to know how that works.

I will be contacting their other "endorsements" to find out their policies also.

  Forum Editor 09:26 01 Dec 2014

"So does the PC Advisor logo on a web site mean an endorsement, or not?"

It does not. We review various technology-related products, and rate them according to our reviewers' assessments. That isn't the same as endorsing them, however.

The site in question simply states 'as seen on' and then provides links to various web sites, one of which is ours. That doesn't imply a seal of approval.

Each product submitted to us for review is judged on its individual merits - we do not endorse products or companies.

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