how do you get savastore to talk to customers

  alex2001 15:03 24 Nov 2005

I have an on going problem with savastore since june 2005 i have sent 9 emails been, around their call centre more times than i can count, sent e mails to [email protected] (joint MD) and [email protected] (head customer services) and still no response,What more can i do?

  pj123 15:30 24 Nov 2005

Unfortunately, nothing. Lots of negative feedback on Watford/Savastore.

Can't point you in the right direction because the Search Engine on this site is not working.

  pj123 15:41 24 Nov 2005

There are lots of complaints about Watford/Savastore. The FE has, in fact, asked them to come on board as a Forum Member, but they seemed to have declined. More fool them. I, personally wouldn't buy anything from Watford/Savastore.

  alex2001 15:51 24 Nov 2005

i know i am not alone in this,i hope that other potential customers will take note

  spuds 17:34 24 Nov 2005

Watford Electronics/Savastore provided this contact point for PCA Peter Hills,Customer Services Manager [email protected]

click here

  pj123 17:54 24 Nov 2005

But [email protected] (Customer Services Manager) is not the same as [email protected] (Shiraz Jessa, Managing Director) and although they might be a Forum member they are not logging in and keeping us up to date.

  spuds 18:09 24 Nov 2005

pj123-- Peter Hills is not a Forum member, just a representative for Watford Electronics/Savastore and a supposed possible link for forum members. Since the link in my above posting, I do not recall any further communications in the PCA forums from the said gentleman.

  HondaMan 18:17 24 Nov 2005

Why not go there in person and remain there until something is done

  alex2001 10:20 25 Nov 2005

in response to an e mail to the finance company cancelling agreement and copied to tech support,[email protected](joint md) [email protected] and peter hills, I received an e mail from jenny that she no longer works for customer support.This means that the present staffing level at [email protected] is 1 person and 1 dog.The person is responsible for answering customer problems and the dog is there to stop him\her getting to the e mails

  anchor 14:34 25 Nov 2005

It is amazing that a company, that spends so much on advertising, is prepared to suffer such adverse comments here without even responding.

They should realise that members of this forum represent a significant proportion of their potential customers.

Caveat emptor!.

  Totally-braindead 16:03 25 Nov 2005

I believe the FE did ask them to join in the Forum but don't really know what happened after that. I have used Savastore for a few years now and had a good level of service from them but I also recently had very poor response from them and I don't think I'll be dealing with them again, unless of course they do finally get it sorted out and even then I'll think twice about it. If someone from Savastore reads this then I wish to point out that you're losing customers by the poor service you are giving and I for one will be shopping elsewhere. If you can't or won't provide the service that you used to then you'll go out of business eventually as there are lots of others who sell the same items just as cheaply. I just spent over £500 this week on computer items and not one item was bought from Savastore, in the past they probably would have got about half the order if not all of it but not now.

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