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How do you contact ebuyer electronically?

  Simsy 14:39 27 Nov 2009


I've a question to ask ebuyer, about a product...
Now I know I can ring, but that's not practical at the moment...

I can't see a way to ask a question about a product by either email, or via enotes. (The enotes are all very specifically categorised.)

Am I missing something simple?



  GaT7 16:57 27 Nov 2009

Try the eBuyer forums click here. A few knowledgeable people on there, including staff who post from time to time.

Can you let us know which product & your specific query about it? Perhaps someone here will know. G

  Simsy 17:02 27 Nov 2009

I've subsequently found the answer I was originally seeking, (A built in mic or not?).



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