How do I stand (literally)

  Corky the Clown 12:41 08 Sep 2010

I regularly buy Clarks shoes, but due to the cost at full retail, I usually buy off the sale racks.

Problem is, after about 6 months of daily office use (carpeted) and short bouts of outdoor walking for the bus, the heels wear down because (I think) that they are made from cheap rubber.

Perhaps these sale rack shoes are just that - special cheaply made shoes which never make the full price shelves, just go onto the sale rack.

I approached a shop assistant last time I purchased and she advised me to buy some metal heel segs and stick them in my shoe heels.

This happens on both leather soles and rubber soles as both types have rubber heels.

How long is the guarantee on shoes and can I get a refund if they wear out in an unreasonable time?

  961 13:56 08 Sep 2010

I used to buy Clarks shoes, again off the sale rack, but rather gave up when they closed most of the UK factories and moved to the far east

I must say most of the ones I bought never wore out but times might have changed

"segs" takes me back to my father making his shoes last longer not too long after ww2 and I got them in my shoes too. Great for sliding on the ice down the pavements in the winter!

They sure won't work in rubber soles, only leather

Why don't you try what I wear now. Suede topped, rubber soled and they just don't wear out however hard you try. They look smart and everybody sells them, often for as low as £15

click here,

  Covergirl 15:20 08 Sep 2010

. . . but I have an image to maintain :)

Ha Ha only joking.

£30 it says on that link but Cotton Traders is a reseller and in it for the money.

There are similar looking soles in Clarks, so I might just change styles, but they have to be office compatible.

Just a bit p'd off about getting ripped off by Clarks.

  961 15:29 08 Sep 2010

"I have an image to maintain"

Me too but at the end of the day these things are comfy, smart (especially in black) and never wear out. I've seen them down to £12.50 at Debenhams and for everyday wear, why not?

I agree you might not wear them in Canary Wharf but if the DG of the Beeb can turn up to give the McTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival without bothering to wear a tie.......?

Since I gave up Clarks I have bought from

click here

and some of the leather stuff has been great

As you'll understand I've only tried the men's!!!!

  Marko797 17:36 08 Sep 2010

'and some of the leather stuff has been great'...surely that's too much information for this type of forum?

  961 17:40 08 Sep 2010

..but I like you!

  spuds 22:09 08 Sep 2010

Regarding a guarantee and refund, would all depend on the shop that you purchased from. You might be able to suggest 'fit for the purpose', but the store might also suggest 'aggressive customer usage'. Usually most store's have a refund or returns policy, so it might pay to find this out when you purchase the item.

A few months ago, I queried shoe quality with our local trading standards, as I had purchased a pair of £15.00 sale shoes, and the 'man-made' imitation leather sole had started to split. Oddly enough, the trading standards officer had purchased a similar pair of shoes, and his was splitting in the same way.

It all came down to buyer beware, but the store that I had purchased from, did offer a refund or replacement. Perhaps that was due to my friendly nature instead of being abusive towards the staff?.

Most shoes and boots now seem to be imports, even though they may still carry a well known and old trusted 'British' name. Most are of a synthetic build instead of the old methods of manufacture, which use to last a lifetime.

  flycatcher1 22:48 08 Sep 2010

I used to buy Clark's shoes but the standards went down. I now buy from Hotter an English shoe maker, they are available in some shops but I get them direct. A bit pricey but there are often some good offers and the shoes are very hard wearing.
I am not employed by Hotters!

  sunnystaines 07:53 09 Sep 2010

I have had some ups and downs on shoe wear and tear. the wife had shoes from asda which wore out in 3 months asda refused to exchange or refund. bought some hitec sandles in milletts same happened just wore out very quickly but they gave me another pair hassle free.

are shoes now manufactored with less durable materials on purpose to keep demand up. asda said they expect their shoes to last about a month.

  jack 09:09 09 Sep 2010

Made in a distant land - wear and chuck
Taking them to a repair counter can cost as much a replacement pair.
Having said that I have a pair of British made slip ons in alanine leather for 35 years- been repaired once- will last for years to come.

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