how do I set up netwwork to share printers?

  flick 17:53 06 Nov 2003

We have 3 computers which connect via a router and ADSL modem to the internet. The laptop (XP Home) and a PC (win2K) connect wirelessly and the other PC (XP Pro) via ethernet. Internet works very well on all 3 machines.

I would like to share the printers. There is an HP laserjet attached to the Win2K PC and a Lexmark X75 attached to the XP Pro PC.

XP Networking wizard does not seem to do anything except throw up errors and in any case is not supported on Win2K, so I'm not sure if I have a network set up.

Can it be done manually?

I'd quite like to share some files as well; is the principle the same?

Help and/or pointers to useful websites would be much appreciated.

  flick 17:55 06 Nov 2003

sorry, this should have gone in helproom

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