How do I contact Amazon

  ponytail 12:26 25 Feb 2013

I have just been debited a sum of £49 by Amazon and when I checked it was for something called Amazon Prime which I had never heard of.Went into Amazon and found Prime and it said I was a member but could cancell which I did and I believe I should get my £49 refunded.But I want to know why Im paid in the first place.How do I actually get in touch with Amazon I cannot see any way of contacting them on their site can someone advise

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:36 25 Feb 2013

Go to Amazon Customer support Page and click the "Contact Us" button, then sign-in.

  Bing.alau 12:50 25 Feb 2013

ponytail. You may have inadvertently clicked on the "Prime" joining button by mistake. But Amazon have got a good customer relations record and will sort you out pretty quickly.

I think I read somewhere, that they are a bit backward in coming forward to pay their fair share of taxes though.

  ponytail 12:50 25 Feb 2013

HiMis toffelees I have tried clicking on button before but all it says is contact seller I want to contact Amazon themselves it is nothing to do with buying or selling.Perhaps you could explain exactly what I have to do.Thanks

  ponytail 12:52 25 Feb 2013

Hi bing.alau there must be a way to contact them either email or phone dont you think.Me and my wife use Amazon a lot

  ponytail 12:57 25 Feb 2013

Went here

Then here after clicking on contact us button

Hope these links work

  pavvi 13:48 25 Feb 2013

If you follow Ponytail's second link it will ask for a phone number and they will call you. I do find it frustrating how many websites give you the run around trying to contact them by phone. They like you to 'speak' with a virtual assistant first.

  Woolwell 13:51 25 Feb 2013

You fill in the form and then click on the relevant button at the bottom.

  spuds 14:09 25 Feb 2013

Have to agree with pavvi on this one, and perhaps the virtual assistant. eBay seem to like this more, but it does seem to take ages at times, to cover a simple subject your are asking about?.

  Forum Editor 14:28 25 Feb 2013

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  chub_tor 15:44 25 Feb 2013

Amazon Prime is a membership programme that gives you and your family fast and unlimited One-Day delivery for eligible purchases for an annual membership fee of GBP 49.00.

In all probability when you last purchased an item from Amazon you elected to have the One-Day delivery as a trial offer for 30 days. If you didn't cancel it within that time period the £49 is automatically deducted from your Amazon account. It is explained on the Amazon site and in fact just last month I elected to take up the trial offer so that I could get my goods quickly but I did go to My Account and tick the box so that my Prime Account would not be updated at the end of the trial period.

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