How to contact a sensible person at BT

  ened 15:26 08 Nov 2014

I have three aged parents who all live out in the countryside and each one has had a problem with their telephone line sometime in the last five years. On each occasion, after a lot of effort and going round the houses, they have been given priority treatment and I have been told that there would be no need to ask for it in the future as their numbers have been flagged.

This now turns out to have been BS!

I won’t tell the whole story but suffice to say I have spent about three hours out of the last 24 trying to get my Father-in-law reconnected.

I have just been told by ‘Denise’ from Open Reach that in order to get put on the priority list a form has to be filled out and signed by your GP. I don’t know if this is true as every time you call BT you get a different answer about even the most simple questions. What a shower they are!

I have two questions if anybody can help me:

Is there a number for Faults which will take the caller straight to a Human Being?

Who, what or where can I write to complain about this shoddy service?

  lotvic 15:37 08 Nov 2014

You could try asking on their community forum ClickHere

  spuds 16:19 08 Nov 2014

I have used ceo email on a few occasions, when I considered that I was getting no satisfaction from a company. On each occasion, contacting 'the person at the top' as given a prompt response from higher level management and satisfactory action, which usually resolves issues. Check out BT on this link click here

  morddwyd 19:07 08 Nov 2014

"I have spent about three hours out of the last 24 trying to get my Father-in-law reconnected."

Is that all? It usually takes me about three weeks to get any sort of response from BT.

  ened 07:28 10 Nov 2014

lotvic Thanks. That hasn't helped with this matter but has given me some info about a BB problem with another aged parent.

spuds As soon as this matter is settled I shall write to her with the whole sorry tale.

morddwyd I find it quite ridiculous that an organisation like BT can cause so much frustration, especially when they charge so much for line rental.

  spuds 09:23 10 Nov 2014

I think that you should bear in mind, that some ISP's including BT, TalkTalk etc are putting up line rental charges in December. Apparently, this yet another increase, is to improve services to customer's.

I would also still suggest that you contact 'the top person' from the email link, sooner rather than later, because the problem will not be resolved through normal channels in a fast manner. When I have used this method, it usually results in very rapid response, usually within hours of sending the email from someone at a senior management level making contact.

Also a lot of utility companies now have registers for priority treatment and action for certain needy person's in the communities. My electricity, gas and water supplier's all have these register's. Whether they work or not, that might be another thing, and I suppose the only way anyone can find out, is if they need to use this priority provision.

  ened 11:33 10 Nov 2014

spuds I have found that what answer one gets with BT depends entirely on who/which call centre you get through to.

I had been under the impression that all three of our aging parents were already signed up for priority treatment. Indeed in the case of my Father, earlier in the year, some chap from Bombay told me that it was a pity I hadn't registered him before because it 'takes three weeks to become active'. I didn't imagine it that he said: " After this he is most definitely on our priority list".

Imagine my shock when I was told (Denise from Open Reach) that a form needs to be filled out and signed by a Doctor. If that is true I have been misled and could have done this years ago. Instead I had been relaxed because I thought all three were registered. They are all old,infirm and isolated.

Is there a telephone Number which will take you straight to a human being in the Faults Dept.?

I'm going to write a letter to the ceo as soon as this is resolved but won't hold my breath.

  lotvic 13:24 10 Nov 2014

Yes there is a form to be filled in click here Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme is available if your household includes someone at risk. They must meet the criteria below.*

Your application must be countersigned by your doctor or hospital consultant and must include a copy of their official stamp and full contact details.


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