how to contact nvidia

  iqs 19:39 31 Jan 2010


Went to the nvidia web site hoping to find an email address to advise them of the issues their latest driver for my 8800GT caused.

Unless I'm blind I couldn't see a way of contacting them.Was hoping they could offer some advice,or if they have received any other feedback regarding their latest driver.


  Terry Brown 19:45 31 Jan 2010

No problem
this is the link
click here


  GaT7 19:48 31 Jan 2010

I think it would be best to post in their forum click here. The drivers section is at click here, where they have an ongoing 'Driver feedback thread' at click here. G

  iqs 20:28 31 Jan 2010

Thanks for the links Terry Brown.

Thanks for the suggestions and links Crossbow7.Will post a thread tomorrow.

Thank you both

  flycatcher1 10:04 01 Feb 2010

I have just tried the link above to get the latest Win7 drivers for my nvidia 8800GTS.
Installed ok but I then ended up with a flashing display which eventually stabilised but then started again.
I restored and now the dislay is fine.
Take care.

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