? How to compare performance when looking for new PC/Laptop

  AroundAgain 23:05 25 Oct 2013


I'd like to follow on from this post intiated by angknollenberg a few days ago. I didn't want to 'hijack' the thread.

His question is similar to what I am trying to work out. I'm looking out for a new laptop, although my main machine is a desktop PC, which I am more than happy with.

Having looked in a 'well known' computer shop, looked at machine and the specs on line and read some reviews, I have found that what I would expect to be decent spec for a laptop, in fact, seems to get poor reviews.

I looked at the CPU site suggested in the other post and, to me, it seems there is no real way of telling the efficiency/speed of a processor by it being i3, i5 or i7 etc. Then AMD seem to have a totally different system etc etc.

On Windows OS, there is a Performance Rating. Is this possibly a reliable way to compare the performance of a machine, be it laptop, netbook or PC? If so, how does one determine this, or what other reliable comparative method can be used to help assess how a machine will perform?

I just feel I'm drowning in trying to assess what I might like to go for.

Thanks guys, and gals

  rdave13 01:01 26 Oct 2013

AroundAgain simple answer for laptops is the more they cost the better they are. They're a one off as you can't really update them as a Desktop.

Simple rule of thumb. If you really want a good lappy buy one about the 'grand' price.

  hastelloy 09:16 26 Oct 2013

You will get more for your money with a desktop than a laptop.

For processor comparison see Comparison charts

  sunnystaines 11:00 26 Oct 2013

got two laptops high performance and a cheap hp from PCW both run the same the better one only shows better under high work load. just make sure yu have plenty of RAM,

  AroundAgain 13:37 26 Oct 2013

Thanks for the responses. Each have valid points.

I'm clearly just going to have to keep looking, comparing etc as and when I can. Eventually, I will find something I feel is what I would like.

I can't justify a 'grand' for a laptop, rdave, but I take your point. As usual, it seems you 'get what you pay for'

The cpu performance ratings site will be helpful, to a limit, but over time, probably will be of more use to me.

Yes, I am looking for 8Gb RAM, if possible

Thanks again

  rdave13 22:56 26 Oct 2013

AroundAgain make sure you use the Mobile CPU charts as they are a lower spec from the desktop ones even though they have fancy names.

  AroundAgain 18:56 27 Oct 2013

Thanks for the hint, rdave :)

  Woolwell 12:56 28 Oct 2013

A large amount depends on what you want to use the laptop for. I bought a small laptop for portability. It is mainly used for internet, emails, loading some photos with limited editing of them, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and a limited amount of DTP. I spent around £400 and am perfectly satisfied with it. It is not the fastest machine but doesn't need to be. My wife has a large laptop but bought for around the £500 mark. It is mainly used for basic photo editing, emails, internet and a large amount of office tasks. It is great at it. For video editing I have a desktop which cost over £1000. It is horses for courses and with laptops you have to take into account battery life.

  AroundAgain 21:34 28 Oct 2013

Woolwell, thanks. I've just found your post (didn't get any notification again!)

Yes, I hear what you're saying and part of me says I don't 'need' a fast laptop but the other half of me says I'd 'like' a fast laptop. Then, there is the fact that I don't like spending my money unless I can REALLY justify it.

So, I think I'll keep looking around. As Christmas gets nearer there may be some good deals to be had. On the other hand, new models usually appear in the shops after Christmas.

When I see something I like, that jumps out and hits me, I'll know I've found what I want, eh? ;) In the meantime, I'll be learning much more about what to look for with regard a decent laptop.

Thanks for your advice :)

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