How to choose a digital Camera

  anchor 19:16 24 Jul 2003

We have seen many posts over the last months from people seeking help in choosing a digital camera.

I have found this site that might assist. It won`t select, or recommend, a particular camera, but it will help them understand the terms used, and their function.

click here

  Tim1964 21:01 24 Jul 2003

Wow, That's certainly a comprehensive site.

Well spotted.

  GroupFC 09:06 25 Jul 2003

Another one that I found quite useful is click here

  Djohn 10:04 25 Jul 2003

good links with plenty of info. j

  961 10:27 25 Jul 2003

click here for comprehensive camera reviews and unrivalled user feedback

  anchor 11:33 25 Jul 2003

Yes, good links. This is another:

click here

What I wanted to do was to help those who know almost nothing about digital photography, and needed basic help. I though that was a good place to start.

  Tenner 11:56 25 Jul 2003

So what's new ? All these links have been referenced on numerous occasions over the last few months and are/were listed in the ( now defunct ?) Links page click here

Not bitching at you chaps, just bemoaning the fact that Links has disappeared and folk are re-inventing the wheel.;-(


  anchor 12:06 25 Jul 2003


Judging by the many posts on the subject over the summer, particularly from new members, help is needed.

As you say, the PCA links site is apparently not still available, (unless you already know the page URL).

I have not tried to re-invent the wheel, (as you put it), just give a little guidance which I feel is much needed.

  Tenner 16:15 25 Jul 2003

Not intended as a critisism -- 're-inventing the wheel' was reference to folk having to search , from scratch, for resources that have been listed on a page ( Links ) that is now defunct.

'Links' in the Search box will produce the URL, however - but, sadly, only for those who know of its existance.

I agree, help is needed/asked for, and gladly given, by contributers - ourselves included.

click here


  Stuartli 00:12 26 Jul 2003

To reiterate: Decide on your price range, find out what models are available in that range and then narrow it down to two, three or four cameras.

Then visit somewhere like Jessops, whose prices are as keen as anywhere, try out each camera in turn for ease of use, handling and the quality of the resulting pictures and base your final decision on these points.

It's not a wise practice to order a digital camera - or even a film camera or camcorder - online merely by specification, or to save a few pounds, and then discover that you are unable to live with the camera afterwards.

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