How can I find out if my desktop has a built in webcam & microphone?

  geek84 14:40 11 Dec 2013

Hi Folks

I recently bought a Packard Bell ixtreme M3720 desktop. How can I find out if it has a built in webcam and a microphone?


  wiz-king 15:15 11 Dec 2013

Check the spec. Unlikely unless you ordered it when you bought the computer.

  geek84 15:42 11 Dec 2013

Hi Folks

Thanks for your replies.

I've lost the manual guide, so is there another way to check the spec? What about the microphone? Would that be built in?

If I don't have a webcam, could you suggest any good reasonably priced ones?

Thank U

  Forum Editor 15:50 11 Dec 2013

This is in the wrong forum area. I'll move it to Tech Consumer Advice from Business Tech Help now.

  amonra 17:01 11 Dec 2013

There dozens of cheap webcams on line, most of them have a mic built in. Dead easy to instal, just plug and play. Try ebay.....

  mole1944 07:22 12 Dec 2013

Has your monitor got a camera on it tell tale sign is a glass peephole across the top middle of the monitor, like a laptop.

  Woolwell 14:21 12 Dec 2013

The iextreme 3720 is about 3 years old so I guess bought used and without any documentation. It is highly unlikely to have a webcam or mic (most desktops do not, most laptops do).

You can buy a webcam with built-in mic fairly cheaply. Try Amazon and Logitech brand,

  lotvic 16:59 12 Dec 2013

Giving you same advice as your thread on click here

  geek84 10:36 15 Dec 2013

Hi Folks

Thanks for your replies.

I have checked and my desktop seems to have 3 different recording devices - Front Mic, Microphone, and Line In. However, they all seem to say not plugged in.

Does this mean I need to do something in order to enable the microphone work properly?

  Woolwell 14:56 15 Dec 2013

"Does this mean I need to do something in order to enable the microphone work properly?"

Yes - buy a microphone or webcam with integral mic. You do not have a microphone.

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