How to attach an extension plug to wall

  ronalddonald 21:37 23 Apr 2010

Hi guys i bought a 6 metre extension plug from asda. I need to attach it to wall and it didn't come with any fittings and there seem to be no screws on the back just metal pins i think.

When i bought the plug i could see the back as the lead was wrapped and packed behind the plugs.

I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to connect it to the wall.

Thanks for any help

  namtas 22:33 23 Apr 2010

I am not sure what you have bought but I believe that you are talking about a 6 metre extension cable. If so then I doubt that you will find one with fixings or any provision to be fixed in place as it is not designed for this. It is intended as a temporary solution. If you want a permanent socket outlet then I am afraid it requires a more permanent fix by someone skilled in fitting.

  Forum Editor 22:42 23 Apr 2010

that fix to a wall - they have keyhole slots on the reverse. Others have a plastic tab with a hole in it for screw-fixing to the wall.

  ronalddonald 00:36 24 Apr 2010

im thinking of using no more nails tape

click here|category_root|Decorating|16849219

  robin_x 03:59 24 Apr 2010

Depends where you want to mount it. Don't use "NoMoreNails" or similar.

You need plasterboard fixings in a stud wall. Hammer drill and red rawlplugs in a brick wall

Plenty of newspaper/hoover....dust stains carpets.

  robin_x 04:02 24 Apr 2010

3-4 mm red rawlplugs use same size masonry bit. Drill an inch and half. Dont hgit pipes or cables lol

  robin_x 04:07 24 Apr 2010

I am talking rubbish. Just remember "Grand Designs" and "Homes Under the Hammer"

This house is done to a high standard.

Have fun.

  ronalddonald 08:14 24 Apr 2010

seems i explained something wrongly when i got the extension lead from asda the back of the two plug sockets was covered up by the wrapped cable.

When i got home and took the plastic wrapper of and untangled the cable on the back of the two plugs were metal pins not screws and there is now way i can take the back cover of without breaking the plastic covering.

So the plugs itself is two lugs but i cant open it.

  onthelimit 09:09 24 Apr 2010

If you can't separate the socket to fix it to the wall, you'll have to use double sided foam tape - the foam means that it can copw with irregularities in wall or back of socket. Think the No More Nails may be smooth tape in which case it's not ideal. 3Ms do the other sort for sure.

  ronalddonald 12:45 24 Apr 2010

Sorry what is the difference between foam tape and no more nails tape

  onthelimit 14:01 24 Apr 2010

I think (but you need to check) that the NMN version is very thin - like carpet tape. If it is around 3mm thick, then it should do the job OK.

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