Hotpoint Tumble dryer possibility of fire

  compumac 11:21 28 Dec 2015

Nothing to do with computers but I thought I would pose the question here. I have a Hotpoint Tumble dryer that has been reported as being one of the suspect units with a possibility of catching fire. Whereas I do not expect to have a problem there is that possibility.

I advised Hotpoint of this on the 23rd November and was advised that it would be attended to within four weeks. Since that time I have rung EVERY Hotpoint telephone number repeatedly to establish as to when they might rectify the situation. Practically every number is engaged and if you do get through they are extremely unhelpful. – Must be one of the worst helplines out. Hotpoint have indicated that it is OK to use the machine providing the safety guidelines are followed.

My query is in respect of a fire occurring in the unit and the possible damage to the home due to this and the reaction one might expect from the home insurance company.

  compumac 11:45 28 Dec 2015

I have and they are on holiday.

  compumac 12:08 28 Dec 2015

Sir Mistoffelees

Thanks for reply but do not expect a definitive reply as such. I just posted to see if others have had a problem in this respect.

  spuds 12:19 28 Dec 2015


You might find something from one of the Google links. Apparently,it might be something to do with lint and the heating bar?. click here

  compumac 12:22 28 Dec 2015

spuds Thanks for reply, but I know all about the problem and have been on the Hotpoint Facebook website and noted the very many complaints about the situation.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:37 28 Dec 2015

I have and they are on holiday.

That's a relief.

I'd recommend that you don't speak to your insurance company about this as nowadays making a simple enquiry can increase your annual premium - especially when you tell them you've got an appliance in your home that could potentially catch fire.

  compumac 13:02 28 Dec 2015

Secret Squirrel

Note your comments, but there are hundreds if not thousands faced with this problem. I did also think that the insurance companies may have some influence in getting Hotpoint to react quicker and responsibly

  HondaMan 13:10 28 Dec 2015

Solution: Do not leave it plugged in and clean the filters after every use. No fluff = no fire. The cause is that the heating elements are in the wrong place and may cause the fluff build-up to ignite

  Forum Editor 13:35 28 Dec 2015

"Hotpoint have indicated that it is OK to use the machine providing the safety guidelines are followed".

That is the crucial factor - if your machine caught fire and you made a claim, your insurers would want to be satisfied that you had followed the safety guidelines. The reason being that Hotpoint is correct; provided you do what they say, the risk of a fire is negligible.

  compumac 13:46 28 Dec 2015

HondaMan/Forum Editor.

We have ALWAYS cleaned the filters and as as I have said I do not in reality expect a problem.

  RV510 14:00 28 Dec 2015

Regardless of weather you 'follow the safety guidelines' from Hotpoint or no the potential problem is still there and should not be ignored, unplug it and do not use it! Hotpoint have admitted that there is a fault with the appliance and as such it is their responsibility to either rectify it or supply an exchange appliance that does not have the problem. As for your insurance Company, no, say nothing to them, reason mainly because if it did catch fire and you claimed for it you would not get paid out because you knew the risk. Stick with it and keep on to Hotpoint until you get a satisfactory solution and also, if it was a fairly recent purchase, get on to the place from where you bought it, they may help you just as well.

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