Is Hotmail at war with Yahoo?

  wee eddie 18:55 14 May 2004

Over the last few weeks Hotmail has almost continuously blocked my Yahoo Group mail. However it does not appear to be blocking Personal mail(I don't think I've missed any), MSN Groups, or spam.

Hotmail and Yahoo just say "It's a known problem" which really tells me nothing.

Could they be at each others throats?

  wee eddie 21:37 06 Jun 2004

was treating all Yahoo Groups mail as Spam.

I wonder what else it was removing?

  €dstowe 06:43 07 Jun 2004

I had three emails rejected and returned by Hotmail last week as they were identified as being from BTYahoo and not acceptable (I can't remember the exact wording).

I re-sent them from another machine that has its identifier address set up as - same ISP as before, note, and they were delivered without any problems.

From this, it does seem aas though the MSN spam trap is looking out for "Yahoo" and rejecting it.


  g0slp 07:09 07 Jun 2004

that Hotmail (& Yahoo)are regarded as spam?

An awful lot of the messages that Mailwasher offers up to me each time I log on are from <random letters/numbers(at)hotmail/> addresses.

Whilst I accept that there are many legitimate users of hotmail/Yahoo addresses (and I certainly don't want to appear to be making this a personal attack on anyone), it seems to me that it is far too easy to set up such addresses, and that they are becoming perceived as the homeground of the less than scrupulous. Indeed, I have recently seen comments by individuals on some usergroups and auction sites that memberships/bids from such email addresses will not be accepted.

A sad indictment of cyberspace.

  €dstowe 08:11 07 Jun 2004

Note that my messages were sent TO a Hotmail address.

Also note that btyahoo is the default address of the broadband offering of BT these days. To use any other ident. requires effort on the part of the user (or an old machine). The Hotmail spam trap doesn't search for modifications of or additions to the Yahoo part of an address, it just rejects the whole thing.

With the prresent BT email setup you can use, and interchange, btopenworld. com, btyahoo. com, btinternet. com and possibly others.

Since sending my previous note here, I have sent emails from each of the bt address styles to a hotmail address. Two got through. One was rejected - guess which one?

  g0slp 12:05 07 Jun 2004

Hi there
Yes, I had noted your post - can't help thinking that it's all connected though. Hope you get it sorted out :-)

Another BT ID now in the btyahoo setup is, of course.

Best regards

  €dstowe 13:30 07 Jun 2004

Since this incident, I've changed all machines that were btyahoo to That should sort things out at my end but not Hotmail users.

I recall a few months ago that AOL took it upon themselves not to accept any email from bt(anything) claiming that bt was a propagator of spam.


  bab5 19:30 07 Jun 2004

wee eddie,

Funny thing is mate, i've had the reverse problem, E.G Yahoo mail treating all my MSN groups emails as junk, I just hope the solve their problems soon :-(


  Wrong 19:42 07 Jun 2004

Hmm wouldnt blame Hotmail . Since my account was upgraded from Btopenworld to BT yahoo I now recieve 500-600 spam mails a day.

Over 7 years with BT internet on different conx types, but this morning they lost a customer. Due to the spam

  wee eddie 12:11 08 Jun 2004

Last night I discovered that Hotmail has been bouncing my Yahoo mail again.

The sad thing is that Spam seems to get through. It's just the ones with pictures that seem to get stopped.

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