Is Hotmail no more ?

  iscanut 20:02 21 Aug 2012

Has anyone noticed that Microsoft has pulled the plug on Hotmail and replaced it with Outlook ? I do no recall seeing much in the way of publicity or info about this. What are you views on this change ?

  VCR97 20:34 21 Aug 2012

The appearance has changed slightly but it still says Hotmail here.

  Forum Editor 23:47 21 Aug 2012

What has happened is that Microsoft has launched a new email service called

You can upgrade your existing Hotmail account to Outlook very easily. Just go to and select the option to upgrade. You can choose a new email address if you wish, and rename your account. You'll get free SkyDrive file storage space, and Microsoft will automatically move all your hotmail contacts over to your new Outlook account.

You can of course select an option to receive mail from any other email accounts directly into your Outlook account.

It's all very slick and clean, and I like it very much. It's the perfect email facility for anyone who prefers to deal with email via their browser, rather than install software on their computer, or for people who work from more than one location and on more than one computer. One of Microsoft's minor triumphs in my opinion.

  Nontek 13:23 22 Aug 2012

It's the perfect email facility for anyone who prefers to deal with email via their browser, rather than install software on their computer,


Pardon my ignorance, but -

Does this mean that the new Hotmail is in fact similar to Gmail - i.e. is it 'webmail'? as opposed to using a mail client such as Incredimail.

  iscanut 17:23 22 Aug 2012

Nontek...YES ! There has been no change in that respect as Hotmail has always been web based rather than ISP client based.

  Forum Editor 18:14 22 Aug 2012


All email obviously comes via the web, whether you have client software on your computer or not. Hotmail - and now is what is called 'webmail' because it isn't necessary for a computer to have anything other than a browser and an internet connection in order to use it. You can receive and send your mail from any computer you happen to be using. is new, and is designed to be more 'business-like' than Hotmail in appearance. It certainly looks good, and it works perfectly. It's useful to have SkyDrive space if you want to store documents securely for access wherever you happen to be.

My advice to webmail users is always the same - if you use it on a computer in a hotel business centre, or anywhere that there are public-access machines, make sure that when you finish your session you delete the browser's history cache, just to be doubly sure.

  Woolwell 18:52 22 Aug 2012

With hotmail you could use an e-mail client and I assume that it is the same with which is an unfortunate name as it is bound to cause confusion with Outlook the e-mail client.

I fail to see why it is the perfect email facility compared to gmail. Unfortunately I have come across too many instances of hotmail accounts having been hacked, loads of spam, etc and wonder if this will change with I suspect not but would like to be proved wrong.

  Nontek 19:20 22 Aug 2012

iscanut and FE

Thanks for clearing that up for me!


  CommandJG 05:38 14 Sep 2012

I noticed that the template design is different when I use my personal account and my business account.

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