Master.mind 02:07 27 Feb 2005

For the second time, I've logged into hotmail to find all my emails deleted. The reason given is that I've not logged in for thirty days. I know this to be untrue as I log in every weekend without fail.

Some of the emails contained were quite important and I hadn't made copies of all of them.

Just warning anyone that uses hotmail to make backups of their emails as Hotmail seems to like deleting them on a whim.

  powerless 07:18 27 Feb 2005

Remember it's a free service.

I would actually keep away from free services where important emails are stored.

  Forum Editor 10:53 27 Feb 2005

Hotmail is a free service, and they can more or less do whatever they like with their mailservers. Under no circumstances should you ever use a free mail service for anything of importance, it just isn't worth the risk - as you've discovered.

  Fellsider 11:32 27 Feb 2005

Why not set up a 'secure' e-mail address and forward those e-mails that you want to keep to it?

  Master.mind 12:47 27 Feb 2005

I was using the hotmail account as a temporary measure while my internet connection at home was being set up.

I had to use a free email account as that was all that was available to me at the time. The emails involved were from my ISP while I was arranging to have broadband installed.

My broadband is up and running now and I have my new email accounts set-up.

I've printed copies of most of the emails in the hotmail account but I'm not sure about the last weeks.

The hotmail account may also have included some invoices for networking equipment but I'm not sure.

I realise that I've no come-back with MSN, but I don't think the fact that the account is free means that I shouldn't expect a good service.

I'm sure there are people that use Hotmail extensively and don't have a computer at home (i.e. they rely on computers at work, Internet Cafes or public libraries).

  wee eddie 15:52 27 Feb 2005

I have to assume that you did not read the instructions.

It is stated very clearly that items left in the Spam Folder are deleted after 5 days. The contents of all other folders will remain unless you do not access your account for more than 30 days. My experience is that this period is probably extended but I do not know by how much.

The solution to this is to create Folders to archive your important mail, then it will remain for your further delectation.

  Master.mind 16:40 27 Feb 2005

"I have to assume that you did not read the instructions."

Thanks, but I had read and understood the instructions.

I didn't have any email in the Spam/Junk folder.

I access my account each weekend.

They deleted my inbox anyway for no apparent reason.

  maz2 17:11 27 Feb 2005

Hotmail are letting all the spam through again now, it was very good while the inbox was small but now they've increased it it's letting everything through. All my important e-mails go direct to my OE and I've set up a gmail account for the other stuff which has a spam filter, and report spam on it, although I havent used it yet as I havent had any spam in it and it's been running a while. If anyone wants a gmail address let me know, got a few here to give away

  rajeevk 17:48 27 Feb 2005

The same thing happened to me while back; I had all of me emails deleted for no reason even though I paid for extra storage. I contacted there customer services team who said it was caused by a server glitch and they refunded my subscription fee. After this I gave up on hotmail and now use yahoo.


  Scillonia 12:06 28 Feb 2005

Open a gmail account, in gmail you can divert email to another address and leave a copy in the gmail account.

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